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What the New Documentary “Borderless” Didn’t Cover

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts , Economic Collapse , Government conspiracy , New World Order , Trilateral Commission , UN Deception

Red Pill - Blue Pill

Borderless – a documentary by Lauren Southern is an honest presentation of the immigration issue which is something you will assuredly not get from the mainstream media or your politicians- regardless of nation btw. While some of it may be shocking to some people, I must say that I did not find it too surprising. […]

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Swedish Dental Hygienist Fired for Exposing the Truth About Migrant “Children” Who Are Adults

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts , Government Deception , Illegal Immigration

As reported in RT, which is Russia Today- a Moscow based news agency. (Unfortunately, we have to get this news from Moscow not our Western governments. Nevertheless, truth is truth even if it does have an insidious intent to undermine confidence in your own non-Communist government.) A Swedish dental hygienist, Bernt Herlitz, was fired, after his […]

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The American Illuminati? The Revolutionary War Connection. Episode 4 of Myths vs. Facts

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts , Illuminati , New World Order

In this episode of Myths vs. Facts, Art Thompson of JBS, covers the American connection to the Illuminati. Rarely covered in literature on this group is the American membership mentioned. Two key American Revolution figures discussed in this episode are Thomas Paine and the Marquis de Lafayette. Paine wrote Common Sense which helped stimulate the […]

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More Facts About the Illuminati- Their Discovery and How They Resurfaced as the German Union

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts , Illuminati , New World Order

The Illuminati, found by Jesuit and professor Adam Weishaupt, were ultimately discovered and banned. However, they resurfaced as the German Union, a reading society which shared literature and subscriptions with its members. (Publishing content was much more costly then it is today.) They eventually grew to 400 clubs all over Germany. This control of publishing […]

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Is the Federal Reserve Really Federal or is it Privately Held?

By Terry | American Decline , Conspiracy Facts , Economic Collapse , Federal Reserve , Government Spending , Inflation , National Debt

Henry Ford on Banking

Hardly anyone knows what the Federal Reserve is really about. Most think they are a government entity. Fact is, they are not. They are a private cartel of international financiers who issue and control our money supply and interest rates. It costs all of us our earned income and savings through ever growing inflation.

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