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Racism- A Primary Tool of the Hard Core Marxist Left

By Terry | Communism today

No to Racism

We all have been conditioned to buy into it. Racism is a major issue. All whites are racists of course, according to the accepted narrative.

Minorities like the black minority can’t possibly be because, after all, they are the one’s who are being discriminated against.

At least, that’s what the left sells us. The assumption being that all of the majority is privileged. All of the minority is not.

This world view however, conveniently disregards all hardships in the so-called privileged majority. Their hardships don’t count though because they are the “privileged”- even if they aren’t.

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The Real Agenda

What almost nobody gets is that racism is a major means of fracturing a settled culture into antagonistic segments- then recreating the conflicted society into one dominated by the State.

Race is pitted against race or faction against faction. The minority is portrayed as deserving of all benefits because they must be liberated from their oppressor majority. Not all black people buy into that portrayal as the books by black authors below note.

Capitalism is the cause. Communism or some variation of Marxist socialism is the proposed cure. The real agenda behind this racism push by leftists is control over the people.

The Real Problem

Without an education of Marxist/Leninist theory, most cannot imagine that the civil rights cry was not being used to protect the civil rights of black Americans. Rather it was being used to exploit them as “useful idiots” with the focused intention of expanding the power of the State towards a totalitarian tyranny.

As G. Edward Griffin points out in his video presentation, hard core Communists infiltrated and stirred up the civil rights movement for their purposes. Civil Rights was the veneer. Communist advance was at the core.

Totalitarian government and communism are not just kindred spirits. They are the same. Where there is Communism, there is tyranny not the freedom sold to the uniformed and politically naive who buy the idyllic dream with no examination of its actual previous results.

G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island- A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, describes how his study of Communism through a study of their literature taught him about communist theory and the racist/class struggle strategy. You can listen to the presentation at this link for details: