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Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka Trump a “c**t” On Air- Apologizes, Except Her Show is Now Bleeding Advertisers

By Terry | Cultural Marxism

Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “c##t” While on Air. She apologized through a tweet and on air the next day, However, apparently Samantha is now discovering that there are unanticipated consequences for her on-air, unprovoked crudity directed towards the daughter of the President.

Yeah, foul mouthed Samantha used the “C” word to refer to Ivanka Trump on a rant on her “Full Frontal” show. She tweeted out an apology the next day. 

Instead of firing her as ABC immediately did with Roseann Barr, nothing was done by TBS. (It’s called a media double standard applied to the leftist liberal/progressive/Marxist who rail against any Trump btw.)

Samantha thought she may be in the clear. Her public image a bit tarnished but otherwise intact. She still had her job. The people would forget about it in a few weeks right?

Sorry, Samantha- It Ain’t That Easy

Samantha’s show had 19 advertisers at the time of the comment. Not any more. She is now down to 6.

Thirteen advertisers cancelled their accounts. Samantha still hasn’t gotten them back.

That ain’t good in the TV business. So even though Samantha’s trashy mouth comments didn’t result in discipline by the hypocrites at the network, the advertisers took justice into their own hands.

Samantha may pay for this in another way unless the network wants to support a show that has lost over 2/3d’s of its advertisers. Sounds like a money loser to me. How long will they carry a program that is losing money I wonder?

Samantha Tried to Save Face……..Lamely

Meanwhile, Samantha tried to justify her use of the “c” word on air. She said,
in her June 6 opening monologue after the comments, that her insult directed at the first daughter [Ivanka] “crossed a line.”

Not hers obviously, but a “line” nevertheless, whatever she actually means by that. We’re left simply with an undefined “line” I guess.

Hey, I Said It Before!

“It is a word I have used on the show many times, hoping to reclaim it,” Bee said. “This time, I used it as an insult. I crossed a line. I regret it and I do apologize.”

So, the ignorant, uncultivated “c” word is OK if it isn’t used as an insult?

Her on-air apology came after she tweeted she was sorry.

TBS’s Response

Instead of taking any kind of disciplinary action, the network apologized too.

How gracious of them. TBS apologizes for Bee. Meanwhile, ABC completely canceled Roseanne Barr’s show putting everyone associated with the show out of work only hours after a tweet. Not on air like Bee, but a tweet.

I guess that “line” must have been too conservative for ABC but OK for TBS.

What a difference a few letters make huh?

BTW AT&T owns TBS and CNN, founded by Ted Turner, is a subsidiary of TBS. CNN as most know seems to have a high tolerance for crudity and ignorance directed towards Donald and  the Trump family.

ABC (Roseanne’s network) is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Really, the Best TBS Can Do Is “Sorry”?

Gee, I wonder if they would have had the same reaction had the comment been directed at Michelle Obama? I think most people know the answer to that one, even dumbed down Dems.

Samantha used the “c” word many times, hoping to reclaim it?

Uh, excuse me, but isn’t that a trashy word that denigrates a woman’s anatomy? What exactly is Samantha trying to “reclaim”? Trashy sexual denigration of woman?

Never watched this “lady’s” show. Never will now.

Glad I haven’t if her mentality reflects this low level of crudity. She has nothing to teach me that I didn’t hear in boot camp from fellow Marines and the DI’s years ago. Stuff that absolutely never would have made it on air at that time btw.

Meanwhile, may justice be served even if the lefties in charge over at TBS will not bother to serve it. It’s about time these lefties got a taste of their own medicine for a change.