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The American Illuminati? The Revolutionary War Connection. Episode 4 of Myths vs. Facts

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

In this episode of Myths vs. Facts, Art Thompson of JBS, covers the American connection to the Illuminati. Rarely covered in literature on this group is the American membership mentioned.

Two key American Revolution figures discussed in this episode are Thomas Paine and the Marquis de Lafayette.

Paine wrote Common Sense which helped stimulate the American Revolution. However, his subsequent writings became more radical after that. He criticized the New Testament, taking issue along the way with the Divinity of Christ. He also advocated for a welfare state; a gradual income tax; an inheritance tax and generally more control by the State over the citizen.

Lafayette was another member of the Illuminati who was developed into a key figure in the Revolution.

There are two full figure portraits in the U.S. House of Representatives. On the left is Washington. On the right is Lafayette. One must ask, of all of the Revolutionary war figures, why Lafayette.

Note: Not mentioned in the episode below but a fact, both George Washington and Lafayette were masons. Make what you want of that statement , but it is an actual connection between the two. More on Washington’s connection to Masonry was posted earlier on this blog which you can read by clicking here.

Watch this new episode which prefaces the next one- the connection of the Illuminati to the French Revolution.

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