The charges stemmed from accusations that she illegally siphoned thousands of dollars from her charity into her own bank account for lavish parties, trips and shopping excursions.

Justice Sure Can Be Frustrating Sometimes. Right Corrine?

The indictment came after an investigation into the charity One Door for Education Foundation Inc., which federal prosecutors say was purported to give scholarships to poor students but instead filled the coffers of Brown and her associates.

Brown and her staff are alleged to have used her position to solicit over $800,000 in donations to this supposedly charitable organization.

Of course, when confronted Congresswoman Brown attempted to blame shift and pointed the finger at her former Chief of Staff, Elias Simmons. She claims she left those details to Simmons and other hired staffers. Unfortunately for the Congresswoman, despite her position and claims, justice was served.

Typical tactic of those who think they are righteous, but are not. They shift the blame to avoid guilt. When you work for woman like this expect to get thrown under the bus as the saying goes.

Unfortunately for poor Corrine, it didn’t solve her self created problem. Maybe she should have changed her attitudes and behavior to solve the problem.

Brown claimed she was innocent, before the verdict:

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Guess, the jury didn’t buy her protestations of being a political target. Miscalculated, like another female Democrat we all know and love. She was rightfully found guilty on 18 of 22 counts.

$800,000 and Only One $1,000 Scholarship?

Prosecutors say One Door’s director, Carla Wiley, presented her organization as an education charity starting in 2011. However, Wiley never obtained tax-exempt status or filed state or federal tax returns. Meanwhile, primarily through Brown it solicited about $800,000 in donations.

Between 2012 and 2016, as Wiley withdrew or transferred to her own accounts more than $140,000, the group issued just one scholarship for about $1,000, authorities said.

While documents in Wiley’s case didn’t mention Brown by name, prosecutors alleged that $150,000 in charity funds had been used for events hosted by or in the honor of an unnamed public official, dubbed “Person A.”

Several details in Wiley’s plea suggested Person A was Brown. Well, I guess it was, as Corrine just found out. Is Hillary next perchance?

Typical of Leftist Idealism