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The Truth About the Democratic Party They Don’t Want You to Know About

By Terry | collectivism

Dems Track Record of Racism

While Democrats and lefties paste the racist label on anyone that opposes their extremist views from a Constitutional point of view, the reality is that Democrats have been the party of hard core racists for well over a hundred years. And yes, they have the track record to prove it.

The real truth is that the Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party in 1854 and has the track record to uphold it’s beginnings to the present as well.

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The Democrats Racist Track Record

KKK– Dems started it. No Republicans involved

Civil Rights Act – Dems opposed it. Republicans passed it. In the 1857 Dred Scott v. Sanford case, the court ruled that slaves were not citizens. 7 Justices voted for it- all Democrats. 2 opposed it- both Republicans.

John Wilkes Booth – Shot Lincoln because of his stand on blacks and slavery. (Some claim he was funded by the big banks as well but that wasn’t his primary driver.) Yep, the dude was a Democrat.

Lincoln’s VP Who Assumed Control- Andrew Johnson – Uh, he was a Democrat who opposed Lincoln’s plan to integrate newly freed slaves into the South’s economic and social order. He was unified, along with his party, against the 13th (abolishing slavery); 14th (gave black’s citizenship) and 15th (gave blacks the vote) amendments. All three passed, but only because of strong Republican support.

Hitler’s American Model – The title of a book about the model’s the Nazi’s used to create a 2nd class citizenship status which they ultimately applied to the Jews. The best legal model in the world was found in the U.S. (along with the eugenic movement btw). Hitler didn’t like the U.S but their ideas on eugenics (a Darwinian concept of inferior classes) and 2nd class citizenship were the best in the world. They helped the Nazi’s to form viable models for creating a 2nd class citizenship and even blood laws against the Jews.

Guess who created the legislation? – Hint: Democrats.

Jim Crow Laws – Those laws that kept blacks down as 2nd class citizens for well over a hundred years after the civil war. The laws that kept blacks from voting even though they were given the right to vote by the 15th amendment. The ones that gave them separate schools, bathrooms and seats at the back of the bus. Can you guess which party they arose from. That would be the party that is currently pasting the racist label on anything that moves outside their leftist box. Yepper, Dems again.

You see, despite the claims of leftist Democrats like Kamala Harris in the exchange with ICE during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing to consider the nomination of Ronald Vitello to be the director of ICE, the real racists have been the Democrats. The inner cities, whose governments are all controlled or have been created by Democrats, leave real evidence of how well Democrats are functioning to eliminate racist policy. Most of these cities are pockets of deep poverty and inequality of opportunity to advance.

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Identity Politics

Identity politics ,whose origins lay in cultural Marxist ideology- which it’s adherents of course would deny, must divide people into classes. Indentity politics needs division in order to stir people up against other defined groups of people who are portrayed as morally unacceptable or bad. Without such divisiveness, they have nothing to offer a freedom from government citizen.

This is why Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Marxine Waters, Nasty Pelosi and the media throw around the racist label so liberally. In order to stir up the impressionable, indoctrinated public, they must create divisions even where no divisions exist.

They don’t focus on solutions other than getting rid of those who oppose their real goal which is to assume more political power over the public. They focus on divisions, mostly imagined and fabricated, because without division as a focus- the emperor has no clothes, so to speak.

They don’t offer specific solutions to resolve issues citizens are really concerned about such as reduction of the size and intrusive power of government. They can’t, because their actions would quickly betray them. They want more government. However, they just can’t openly advocate for this model or they lose a lot of the middle ground of voters.

So, they use the race label and whatever other means they can devise to divide their opposition to big government into a “basket of deplorables”.  Without the division of their opponents into a hated class, they really have nothing to offer citizens who want more freedom and less government.

Fact is, without the labels, they want a government plantation upon which they are the slave masters and the public are their slaves. Some slaves may get a little better treatment than others, like the House slave who votes straight Democrat no matter what. Nonetheless, they are still under the thumb of their appointed slave masters through regulatory control of their lives and taxation control of their incomes.

So, the next time you hear that racist label being tossed around from leftist Democrats like Kamala Harris, who recently attempted to equate the KKK with ICE, don’t think Republicans. Thank the Democrats for creating models of racism that were good enough to be modeled by the Nazis. Models that created a second class of citizenship. Models and organizations like the KKK that were used to keep blacks ensconced in 2nd class citizenship well past the initiation of the 3 amendments that freed them and gave them the vote.

Democrats don’t want you to know the real history of their racism. They would rather create the illusion of freedom while fabricating chains of enslavement under the tyranny of government control with the other. After all as the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual summary of the impact of government regulations on the U.S. citizen. The 2018 Ten Thousand Commandments report states:

The 2017 Federal Register contained 61,308 pages, the lowest count since 1993 and a 36 percent drop from Obama’s 95,894 pages in 2016, the highest level ever recorded.

Kind of tells you which party the real slave master lies in, doesn’t it?