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Tearful Plea for the Migrants (Illegal Immigrants) Who Have Died – From Texas Dem But…..

By Terry | Deception by Omission

Illegal Border Death Address

Texas Democrat Representative, Veronica Escobar delivered an impassioned plea for compassion and a moment of silence for Oscar (Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his 2 year old daughter Valeria who represent the:

tens of thousands of migrants (aka illegal immigrants) who have died as they have tried to build a better life for themselves, only to find that they are demonized and locked out of the promise that those of us who are natural born citizens are so fortunate to enjoy.

Veronica Escobar – D – TX
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The majority of us are not celebrating the deaths of this father and child which resulted when the father, impatient with waiting in Mexico for asylum decided to take matters into his own hands.

He swam his daughter across the Rio Grande River, then left his daughter to return for his wife. He began to swim back when the little girl jumped back in after him from the shore.

Oscar grabbed his daughter, Valeria, but both were swept down river by the strong current. The bodies were found several hundred yards down river near Matamoras, Mexico as pictured below:

Not a good outcome for them for certain, but Oscar was not invited by the Trump administration nor natural born citizens of this nation to enter our country illegally was he?

A Little Factual Perspective

How about a little perspective here, Congresswoman Veronica?

The reality is that no one invited the father under threat to enter our nation illegally. Additionally, he was given a place in line but apparently grew impatient with the process.

So, he decided to take matters into his own hands and enter our nation illegally by swimming across the Rio Grande river.

He left his 2 year old child alone on the bank to return for his wife. She must have panicked and jumped in to follow him back not completely understanding what was going on. Who really knows?

Where does his responsibility enter into the picture for the death of his child? He didn’t want to wait. So, he decided to do it his way. It cost him and his daughter their lives. No one is celebrating the event.

What About Legal Citizens?

When was the last time Democrats like yourself and your ilk have expressed compassion for the concerns over the legal citizens they represent, who pay your lucrative salary and benefits. You know, the one’s who voted you into office?

They have concerns that they want addressed too, you know. One of them is the invasion of illegal immigrants into our nation which in polls is coming up as the number one issue in the 2020 election btw.

Heck, people are shot to death in mass murders. Seems like before the smoke has even cleared, Dems are on social media calling for more gun control and further legislative limitations to the 2nd amendment “right of the people” (NOT the government).

What About Your Voters?

It’s a bit suspicious that you and your ilk are getting milegage out of tragedies like this to sustain your political agenda. Your implication is that legal citizens should share their wealth with the poor unfortuates that we are “so fortunate to enjoy”.

Meanwhile, you also claim that our legal citizens are not having an easy time of it with a bad man like Donald Trump in charge.

Here is a reality based question for you:

What are Democrats doing to relieve your constituents economic pressures but pushing programs that deliver “free” this and “free” that?

Of course, you fail to also not that these so-called “free” programs are paid for by working citizens taxation and through the inflationary impact of the increased national debt which lowers our purchasing power- meaning our earned income doesn’t go as far to purchase things we need to live.

However, events like the death of illegal crossers and children do not mean that U.S. citizens or the Trump administration or ICE are responsible as youi also imply with the phrase “deomonized and locked out” do they?

Here’s a little clue, 1st termer Veronica, your Party is far more responsible than any of the previously named parties.

What have the Democrats done to address the border crossing issue of illegal immigrants other than shift the blame on Donald Trump who is trying to do everything he can to address this important issue?

How about: like nothing that helps.

The New Migrant Funding Bill Deception

The $4.5 Billion migrant bill that was just passed does nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and in fact encourages it:

  • The bill allocates more than $1 billion for the orderly inflow of many economic migrants into Americans’ workplaces and schools.
  • The Senate bill also assigns more than $3 billion to maintain the pipeline of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from Central America to their sponsors in the US.
  • It provides $30 million to the Democrat-affiliated non-profits that help migrants move to their target locations
  • $10 million for immigration lawyers to help migrants win asylum.
  • $9 million to help illegal migrants get their “UAC” children delivered faster.
  • It also loads more requirements onto the detention centers, driving up costs and likely providing Democrats with future excuses to denounce the shelters.

That helps your agenda keep the flow going across the borders, get more illegals into our nation for potential future votes and probably water down the culture of this nation so you can push your far left agenda without resistance.

It doesn’t help legal and naturalized citizens.

What About Those Illegals Anyway?

We get it. People and children die crossing the border. So do legal citizens who die from the drugs that come across the border as well.

Don’t hear much from your ilk about solutions for that crisis however. Certainly no tearful addresses in front of Congress.

So do woman and children who are transported illegally across our borders by human trafficers- a major issue that remains completely unaddressed by the Democratic party.

No tears for these abused woman and children though. Gee, I wonder why since as you stated: “there is nothing we [parents] wouldn’t do for our children.”

In light of that fact, where is the compassion and demand for justice for that rather significant group of illegal immigrants? ‘Cause all we are hearing from you “compassionate” Democrats is crickets.

So, spare the American public your selective drama, supported by all your other open border comrades who stood by your side during your tearless, emotion-choked speech.

You want to really help these people? (A rhetorical question for which we already have the answer.)

Some Suggestions

Get you and your comrades off your faux compassionate butts and do something!

Stop with the drama. Start with the legislation to aid the people who voted you into office. They don’t want more illegal immigrants, illegal cartel drugs and illegal human trafficking. They want action to stop this flow dead in its tracks.

  • They want significantly less to no illegals crossing our borders
  • They want significantly less to no illegal opiods and other drugs crossing our borders
  • They want no human trafficking of illegal immigrants across our borders.
  • They want to be safer in their own homes and on their own properties.

So, thanks for the performance but meanwhile- do what you are being paid handosmely to do:

  • Close the loopholes of chain migration
  • Build the wall
  • Get rid of lottery migration
  • Curtail the refugee intake scams which are bringing many Muslim people into our nation- who don’t really like us as their actions (even in Congress, right Ilhan?) demonstrate.

We can do without the drama. Save that for your next campaign.

It may work, but I rather doubt it myself. People see through acts more readily these days- even if convincing.