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Boiling the Frog- Slowly at First, Speeding Up Day by Day

By Terry | American Decline

At this point in time, all raising the debt ceiling does is kick the can down the road. At the end of that road and coming up fast is a complete collapse of the currency and the economy along with just about everything else we take for granted as always being there for our convenience or survival.

The facts are that there will be no “soft landing”. Hardship is ahead any way you cut it. You can’t generate a bubble of debt this immense, building an economy on money generated from no real human labor and expect that bubble to keep inflating forever. Eventually like all bubbles once they reach their point of ultimate size, the thin walls of the bubble will burst. We are fast approaching that point.

Government Creating Phony Crisis So They Can Pretend to Save Us

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We saw it with the dot.coms in the late 90’s. We saw it with the housing market. Bubble economies always burst and let’s be honest folks that is what we have.

Our manufacturing has been severely wounded if not killed. Try to buy American made goods in retail stores for validation of that point. That tells you we are not buying our way out of debt problem, but rather inflating our way out of it by producing more money from nothing through the privately held Federal Reserve cartel.

This can not and will not end well. Creating more debt only makes the reckoning which will inevitably come that much more severe lasting that much longer.

Prepare yourself well for hard times to come. We are running on fumes. It is only a matter of time now and the Fed is out of bullets. All they have is more debt to offer.

The government knows it. As pointed out by an article by Jeff Thomas entitled “Boiling the Frog” on Don Casey’s International Man Communique blog:Frog_Boiling


Today, the US government is in the process of completing a massive electronic surveillance network that encompasses all telephone calls, all computer-driven communication, and all banking transactions. Quite a tribute to Orwell’s Big Brother.

We have in the past predicted that the surveillance net will eventually expand to include all monetary transactions by US residents (possibly through the replacement of the paper dollar by an electronic money system), allowing the US government to ultimately have knowledge of every aspect of the economic activities of US residents and, therefore, control over those activities.

The excuse given for such surveillance has been “to protect America from terrorism.” This notion is a wonderful invention, as terrorism can be imagined to be small or large and can occur at anytime, anywhere in the country. Further, if there are no actual occurrences, the government can create false flag incidents as easily and as often as they are needed.

This is not to say that the US is alone in its deterioration towards a totalitarian state. The countries of the EU and many others of the former “Free World” are also in decline. However, the US does lead the way in its Orwellian surveillance. At this point, the US government does not even deny its surveillance. In Orwellian tradition, they merely state, “If you have nothing to hide, you need not fear your government.” And just as in 1984, that fear is exactly the object. People who live in fear are easily controlled. They stay put and take whatever is dished up.

As Thomas Jefferson observed,


“When the government fears the people, that is liberty; when the people fear the government, that is tyranny.”

People are standing by and letting their liberties be stomped upon as occurred in Boston when the public allowed themselves to be subjected to a locked down police state with little objection for the search of one teenager. Heavily armed military units with armored vehicles conducted searches forcing people out of their homes in the name of making them safe.

Will the frog boil to its death? Time will tell. Historically, this story has already told in Germany, Russia, China, Cuba and other locked down locations on our planet. Just not here. Not yet anyway.

Tyranny however, always shows its hand before it smacks us between the eyes. I sure don’t like getting smacked between the eyes to wake up. I certainly hope there are more out there like me.