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Oklahoma City Bombing – Precursor to 9/11?

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

I never really watched anything on the Oklahoma City bombing before. However, after seeing this documentary offered for sale, I searched for it and found it on YouTube.

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 This documentary called Oklahoma City – A Noble Lie was made in 1995 right after the Murrah Building bombing which occurred on April 19, 1995. While the official story claims that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols orchestrated  the entire event and that the building was brought down by a single blast from a parked van with a homemade fertilizer chemical based bomb or ANFO bomb (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil bomb) the eyewitness accounts and blast evidence clearly points otherwise.

As described in the documentary, an ANFO bomb would not carry the shattering power to cause the amount of destruction witnessed at the Murrah Building. This was particularly so since the building was rated better than seismic zone one. At the distance of the van, the blast power would have declined significantly enough to lack the power to cause the type and amount of damage witnessed.

The documentary also clearly makes the case that there were multiple blasts, at least 2. This was confirmed by many witnesses, some highly qualified from work with explosives or their war experience which included awareness of explosions during the course of their service.

Oklahoma City and 9/11

In the end, there are very interesting parallels with what happened in Oklahoma City and 911.

  • The official explanation could not physically have occurred based on the damage from many experts point of view.
  • The media pointedly misreported the story while ignoring any reports or evidence that contradicted the official story.
  • The building was quickly demolished, carted away, further compromised, buried in a land fill and covered with earth which would point to destruction of evidence by government.
  • Legislation was quickly passed that further limited citizen liberties and increased Federal power over the State and local authorities.

Give this a view when you get a chance. It was created shortly after the actual event but most interesting to me are the parallels to 9/11 but on a smaller scale. In some ways it seems like a precursor to the events of that fateful day.

Most eerie to me is the device described by Michael Racanacuto and his colleague and the manner in which the twin towers and Building #7 fell. Those steel structured buildings were reduced to little more than powder in a matter of seconds. Listen to the description of the device above and think about 9/11.

There are inconsistencies in the official story for both of these events. Yet with the similarities in the manner in which both events were handled people who dare question the “official story” are considered conspiracy nuts. In fact, if you suspend judgements and government/media created and endorsed conclusions and simply look at the facts based upon the evidence, the government and media endorsed spins simply do not fit the actual events. Perhaps that is why in both cases, the crime scenes were quickly disintegrated and disposed of before any real investigation could take place. This pattern was also repeated in the JFK assassination as well.

Government operations seem to leave tell tale footprints it seems if people would simply look with open minds beyond their media and politically generated opinions and conclusions. It used to be called thinking for yourself. That is, until that became something to be ashamed of.

Check this one out for yourself. There has been enough distance on the event to allow you to form your own opinion based on the information provided in the film. Let me know what you think.