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Being An Ex-President Can Be Quite Lucrative As the Obama’s Demostrate

By Terry | Deception by Omission

The Obamas Sure Are Cool

Who said Marxism doesn’t pay? Heck, Obama spent his time in office pushing the Federal Register up to a record of nearly 96,000 regulations (also called Fascism) before he left office, while promoting straight-up Marxist ideas like Obamacare.

Barack Obama now has a net worth of $40,000,000 which is a conservative estimate. It is quite likely much higher.

Pushing Marxist ideological dreams for their globalist paymasters apparently has its rewards. And pays off pretty well it seems.

Speaking Fees

The Obama’s earn a small fortune on speaking fees alone. In fact, one could say that just one single speech for the 2 of them puts them in the 1% income earner range.

According to a 2018 report from the Economic Policy Institute, the top 1% income earners pulled in $718,766. The top 5% earners made $299,810.

  • Barack Obama earns an average of $400,00 per speech now.
  • Michelle earns an average of $225,000.
  • Combined that would be $625,000

Nearly, puts them in the 1% bracket after just one speech each.

If I remember correctly, weren’t their supporters all those people demonstrating against those really bad 1% income people?

BTW, the income for the .01% level is $2,756,865 according to Economic Policy Institute report. The Obama’s surely have well exceeded that level since leaving office.

Not bad for a Marxist huh?

Housing Costs

The Obama’s always expressed concern about housing costs. He entered office vowing to help correct the 2008 crash because of the housing crisis.

His campaign was a virtual war against Corporations and the rich ostensibly to help the common man and woman (and those other man-made genders as well, of course).

One of the first moves the Obama’s made after Barack left office was to purchase an $8.1 million home in Washington.

Not enough space for them, I guess. So…..they recently put a secure bid in for a home in Martha’s Vinyard valued at $15 million.

Got a bit stuffy in D.C. apparently, so they went in for the ocean view for some relief.

For a couple that supposedly looks out for the little guy, they sure aren’t living anything close to what the little guy has to cope with.

The Obama Foundation

Not to be outdone by Bill and Hillary, Barack and Michelle have set up their own foundation. Accumulated quite a chunk of money in a short period of time too.

Perhaps they picked up some tips from Bill and Hillary or are simply following the game plan of all of the ultra-rich and set up a tax-exempt foundation to shelter themselves from those nasty income taxes that Joe Average is subject to.

As of December 31, 2018, their simple, little foundation had a net worth of $343,020,019.

According to their website:

The Obama Foundation is guided by a core belief: that ordinary people working together can change history.

I guess that “ordinary people” group doesn’t include the Obama’s. They are well above the 1% income margin that these ordinary people march and scream about. I wonder if that comes to their minds when they have their public tantrums?

Billion $ Brand

The Obama’s got a $65 Billion advance for their book deal with Penguin Random House. One book each. Quite the author’s it seems. Didn’t know they had Pulitzer prize winning capacities.

Random House sure has to sell a lot of books to break even on that one.

Michelle’s Becoming had 15,076 reviews at the time of this writing. 86% of them were 5 star too. Heck, must be better than the Bible even!

They are also signed a deal with Netflix for their Higher Ground Productions which is reported to be quite lucrative as well. Some reports state it is worth over $50 million to them. Some even more.

A Cherry for the Top

In addition to all of the income noted above, the Obama’s don’t have to worry about becoming pauper’s as long as there are taxpayers around either.

They also receive a $205,700 annual pension from his time in office which also includes health insurance and round-the-clock Secret Service protection until his death.

The cost of Secret Service protection is not made public, but Obama will also receive funds for an office, staff and related expenses, which George W. Bush took advantage of to the tune of almost $1.1 million in 2015.

Not a bad payload for a dude who earned a salary of $400,000 a year while President, plus rent free living. He also managed to play 270 days of golf during 8 years in office and didn’t mind spending taxpayer money on vacations as well.

Best of all, he added $10 Trillion to the national debt, more than all previous Presidents and left us with close to $20 trillion in total.

Why Bother With Free-Market Capitalism?

Boy, for activists who champion the cause of the people, the Obama’s sure make book.

I guess Marxism really does pay off for those in positions of power.

Heck, why struggle to be a free market capitalist when you can become a Marxist? You eliminate your competition by condemnation, making yourself into a living saint, with the help of a dutiful media.

Then, you enter the 1% income level scot-free of any protest and abuse as a hero! No one casts a stone at you, but you can throw as many as you want at your fellow 1%’rs and still remain in the good graces of your followers.

Good thing people don’t think much for bottom feeders like the Obama’s. Keeps them in business as the living Gods of the left.