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San Bernardino Shooting, Yet Another Recent Example of the Failure of Gun Control

By Terry | 2nd Amendment

San Bernardino Shooter- Tashfeen Malik

San Bernardino Shooting– 14 Americans dead, 16 injured. The immediate response of President Obama -more gun control. However, let’s be careful about labeling this a terrorist act or identifying Islamic terrorist connections.

Why so careful about the connection to so-called radical Islam but so quick to jump on the gun control bandwagon?

It’s pretty clear now that Obama, favors gun control over acts of terror. He uses every single case of a shooting to highlight the need for more gun control.

However, as pointed out in the well-researched book- Death By Gun Control, all genocides were preceded by the restriction of legal citizen gun ownership.

Fact is, one of the best ways for a State to be free to impose tyranny is to disarm the population. Marxist and tyrannical regimes always push for gun control in the lead up to the imposition of tyranny.

UN Gun Control Agenda- Civilian Disarmament

In front of the UN building in NYC. Notice the Chosen Weapon- A Non-Military Handgun

Paris- The Failure of Gun Control

Paris has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. Heck even the police cannot carry weapons in Paris. How did that work out for the people killed over there?

Seven shooters killed or injured over 500 people in about 30 minutes (an average of 70 slain per shooter). In fact, because there was absolutely no opposition, they calmly reloaded 3 or 4 times to shoot people lying on the floor of the movie theater. No guns. No way to protect themselves. This is safer for the population?

Another overlooked fact, the sites often chosen for mass killings are invariably “gun free” zones?

  • The Batman shooter- a gun free theater.
  • School Shootings- always gun free zones
  • Virginia Tech shooting– gun free campus.
  • Texas army base shooting- gun free military base. (Yes, the soldiers are not permitted to carry on the base.)

Doesn’t this suggest a discernible pattern of behavior on the part of the mass killers?

Yet Another Failure, San Bernardino

Once again, in San Bernardino, the failure of gun control raised its ugly head.

Not mentioned in the media narrative, the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, the site of the recent massacre of innocents by a husband and wife, is another gun-free zone.

This is never really highlighted by the media however. Instead, Obama’s gun control comments become the lead.

The media selectively avoids mentioning the obvious fact that this shooting was conducted in a “gun-free” zone?

They also fail to mention and completely ignore the connection between mass shootings and psychotropic drugs over the past 20 years.

Instead the focus is on the weapon used, not the connection between psychotropic drugs, gun free zones and/or Islamic terrorism

It doesn’t take a great deal of research to suggest a connection between advertiser revenues in the media from psychotropic drugs and its failure to be noted in mass killers.

According to the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM Foundation) in their year 2000 study (the latest they have on the issue on their site):

  • Prescription drugs advertised directly to consumers are now the largest and fastest selling medicines increasing 19% 1999.
  • Just 25 top-selling medicines promoted directly to consumers accounted for 40.7% — or $7.2 billion — of the overall $17.7 billion increase in retail drug spending in 1999.
  • The same 25 top-selling drugs had an aggregate one-year sales growth in 1999 of 43.2%. The growth in sales for all other drugs was 13.3 %.
  • Doctors wrote 34.2% more prescriptions in 1999 than in 1998 for the 25 DTC- promoted drugs that contributed most to overall drug spending.
  • Doctors wrote only 5.1% more prescriptions for all other prescription drugs.
  • The top 25 most heavily advertised drugs in 1999 accounted for 77% of all mass media advertising dollars for prescription drugs.

I don’t believe it is a stretch to conclude that the media will not bite the hand that feeds it. Since this study was done, it is apparent that Big Pharma ads on TV Big Pharma have grown significantly. And if anything remains a free zone, it is the mention of the connection between psychotropic drugs and mass shootings.

What is the Connection Between the Media Reporting and Gun Control?

As pointed out on the home page, there is a massive monopolization of the media by Corporations. So it stands to reason that if you work for them and wish to remain employed, the spin you choose to apply will be that approved by those who pay you, the owners or controllers of the media.


How Is It “America’s Navy” If It Serving Under NATO, a UN Agency? Who Pays the Debt Incurred BTW?

Do the owners have an agenda then? Of course, they do.

One doesn’t have to do copious research to discern the globalization agenda. We have been conditioned to accept as fact, the necessity of the United States to be fighting wars on foreign soils for decades now on the other side of the planet.

As noted before in this blog, the Navy was running commercials ending with the catch phrase, America’s Navy, A Global Force for Good. The assumption being that we are the policeman of the planet. The result which remains however, is continuously more debt for our citizens serving global needs.

Questions Never Asked

  • Who actually pays for the debt incurred?
  • Who actually benefits the most from the debt?
  • Who benefits the least?
  • How is it “America’s Navy” if it is serving under NATO and the UN?
  • Do the nations served inherit any of the debt generated for the services of our Navy?
  • Do our citizens get to choose any of the missions on this debt that we inherit?
  • How then can be described as “America’s Navy” since we never get to choose where to send them?

The Hidden Gun Control Agenda

Is there an unstated agenda in the media reporting and the government push for legal citizen gun control?

Honest answers to the above questions lead us away from what the media would have us assume.

While our military is being used by the UN under NATO to fight foreign wars, the UN is pushing for global gun control. However, the UN (as their statue confirms) and all government’s (including ours) emphasis is on the control of weapons used for civilian protection.

Ignored is the fact that the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council are also the 5 largest arms dealers in the world. Is anyone in the media or government talking about controlling the military?

A proposed new world order which calls for a one world government can only be enforced under a tyrannical reign. Communist run countries are a model where authority controls the people under the tyranny of a police state. Gun control is always an objective in these nations.

There is a human cost for disarmament as confirmed in the book Death by Gun Control by Aaron Zelman and Richard W. Stevens.

Curiously however, it is now out of print with high prices for used editions on Amazon. Makes me wonder why? Does it perhaps strike too many nerves?

Unexamined Questions

Personally, I think the evidence points to the conclusion that gun control is not really aimed at control of citizen weapons but rather control of the citizens themselves. As statistically validated in Death by Gun Control, all genocides are proceeded by citizen disarmament as documented in Nazi Germany, Rwanda, China, Cambodia, Russia, Turkey and others.

Is this what we want here? Guns don’t load, aim and fire themselves. People do.

  • Why are we putting the blame on the inanimate weapon?
  • Why is the emphasis on disarming legally held citizens weapons?
  • Why no examination of the connection between psychotropic drugs and mass killers?
  • Why are most mass shootings conducted in gun free zones if they are so effective?

Seems to me there are an awful lot of questions on this issue that are going unexplained and unexamined. Drowned out by the incessant drone of leftist politicians I guess.