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Sanctuary City Philly Suspends the Use of “God Bless America” Song – Claim It’s Songstress Was a Racist

By Terry | anti Christian

Kate Smith in Black Bondage

This is what happens when a city elects a leftist Democratic Mayor and a Democratic supporting cast willing to embrace leftist ideals wholeheartedly even turning the city into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

It now appears that the drift left has bled over to the Philadelphia Flyers based on an anonymous fans accusation of a 90 year old song from a Broadway hit (The George White Scandals) which was allegedly racist. A song whose verses are about how black folks taught white folks how to sing.

The revered trademark Flyer’s song which was written for Kate Smith by Irving Berlin at her request, God Bless America, has suddenly been deemed racist because- Kate Smith sang a satirical song written nearly 90 years ago that an unspecified fan assumed was intentionally racist thereby confirming that Kate Smith too was racist.

Meanwhile, Bing Crosby and popular black singer Paul Robeson also recorded the same George White Scandals song. Are they racist as well? Should we stop listening to their songs too?

As stated in the Fox News coverage below, by her niece’s husband (where Kate spent her last years due to illness) Kate, who died over 30 years ago, was NOT a racist.

This is a statement that assumed racist Kate Smith made in 1945:

Race hatreds, social prejudices, religious bigotry….they are the diseases that eat away the fibers of peace….the one thing the peoples of the world have got to learn if we are ever to have a lasting peace is tolerance.

That was in 1945 at a time when statements like that from a white person were far from popular or numerous. This is the alleged racist that the Flyers organization has decided, with apparently no investigation, was a racist- based on an anonymous contact from an unspecified fan.

The reality is that it seems more like a far left hit which strikes at two Marxist targets patriotism and the Christian God. The fact that it was done, quickly and surreptitiously at night at the end of the season with few around to protest reinforces that assumption to me.

The Song and Kate

Since 1969 Philadelphia Flyers fans have held Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless Americaclose to their hearts. Not only is it a stirring rendition by a plain looking woman with a patriotic flair, but Flyers fans associated the song with victory.

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The tradition started during a divided time in America- the Vietnam War era.

The first time the song played the Flyers won, and kept winning. They went on to win 2 Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1975. The song ultimately took on the aura of a good luck charm- stirring, patriotic and fun.

That’s over now.

On Friday morning, an iconic statue erected in 1987 outside XFINITY Live! depicting southern singer Kate Smith was covered with black cloth and bound by rope. (Black cloth? Rope? Hmmm……aren’t they racist too? Then again, what isn’t racist these days- in the view of the lefties? What’s next – white fudge?)

That night, the statue was taken down and removed. No judge or jury. Simply a snap judgement by the Flyer’s organization, apparently without investigation as the statement by Kate above demonstrates. No input either from the fan base who, after all, pay the Flyer’s bills with their support.

Kate Smith Is Now Persona Non Grata in Flyer Land
Because Some Lefties Want to Suppress God and Patriotism

The Flyers organization has also unilaterally decided that it will no longer use Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” amid the allegations that 2 of the of Smith’s past lyrics were racist.

That song, by the way, sold over a $1 Billion (with a “b”) worth of war bonds. That’s not all, royalties from the song went on to benefit boys and girl scouts from impoverished areas all throughout the country.

That doesn’t count, especially to the far left. In the twisted mind of leftist oriented Marxists, everything has racist overtones. Especially anything associated with:

  • Patriotism
  • Christianity
  • Or…..Fun

In this case, all three it appears are the targets of the Marxists running Philadelphia these days. The explanation for the ban is ludicrous to normal Americans and many Flyer’s fans too it appears as reactions begin to surface.

Lauren Hart Singing “God Bless America” with Kate Smith Statue in the Background

We have recently become aware that several songs performed by Kate Smith contain offensive lyrics that do not reflect our values as an organization, a Flyers spokesman said.

As we continue to look into this serious matter, we are removing Kate Smith’s recording of ‘God Bless America’ from our library and covering up the statue that stands outside of our arena.

So because some cultural Marxist became aware of songs that Kate Smith sung which they deemed racist, God Bless America is now racist?

This is the kind of abject b.s. that cultural Marxism leads to. Nothing is sacred in the Marxist class struggle for the mythical equality quest of the far left.


  • Who knows what Kate Smith sung in the past today- except some lefty looking for an excuse to jettison God Bless America?
  • Who cares what Kate Smith sung in the past– the song stands alone and has nothing to do with any of her other songs?
  • Is this yet another tactic of the far left Marxists for eliminating patriotism and the Christian God and fun from the American culture?
  • Who ever associated the song “God Bless America” with racism?
  • Is anyone permitted to have fun these days since the left is busy smearing everything possible that smacks of it?

This is in the sanctuary city of Philadelphia. You know, the town where the Mayor did a little jig when he got the approval to make Philly a sanctuary city. What a twisted display of victory.

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Flyer’s fans are ticked off with comments like this appearing:

I may just no longer be a Flyers fan. To dis-respect such a long time icon is inexcusable. She was singing a Broadway show tune, as hundreds of others have done before and since her time. I can remember standing at the Flyer’s games, and tears coming to my eyes as that rendition was played. And to cover her statue? Completely horrible. So for a very few, millions of Americans suffer such a loss.

Are you freaking kidding me! Enough with the over sensitivity taking over this country! All of this is history and you are destroying it. Shameful.

The Flyers Official Statement On the Kate Smith Statue Removal

Personally, I believe the players had absolutely nothing to do with this, nor even know what it’s about. This is being orchestrated by a minority party or two inside the organization who are Marxists, probably knowingly is my guess.

This is too well orchestrated and carried out too quickly, timed at the end of the season when few are present to protest.

As previously noted, this move kills two primary Marxist targets with one stone – God and country.

Entire nations have been transformed into Communist nations with insidious tactics like this as described in Jan Kozak’s book And Not a Shot is Fired about Czechoslovakia which sells for $149.39 on Amazon BTW – censorship by price.

Can you blame them?

Yeah, I guess if you are a Marxist who wants to erase the culture so that you can replace it with the tyranny of the police state- you can.

Frankly, even though I am a Flyers fan, I hope they lose revenue and fans as a result. I sure as heck am having strong second thoughts about supporting a team that attacks issues that are quite frankly more important to our nation right now than winning a Stanley Cup.

I am not pinning this one on the players. The voters are the blame on this one as far as I am concerned for allowing an atmosphere this left leaning get a hold in their city. They are now reaping the fruits of their complacence.

What will the left ruin next in the city of Brotherly Love? Perhaps they can replace the missing Kate Smith statue with one of Jussie Smollet?

Hmmm… black, gay, entertainer, hates Trump, lies a lot, is completely self centered- yeah sounds like a perfect replacement match to me. Goes with everything the left loves- themselves and Marxist inspired, identity politics ideologies.