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Pelosi Deceptively Claims: Trump is an Existential Threat to Our Democracy

By Terry | Deception by Omission

Pelosi- What, me worry?

Pelosi, like the majority of our politicians and media, all push the idea that we are a Democracy. This is the first part of her deception revealing her, and her ilk, for what they really are- threats to what remains of our freedoms which they haven’t already completely undermined.

Now, she is claiming that Donald Trump is “an existential threat to our Democracy.”

Like most of the media, including many on Fox News (Sean Hannity – the notable exception), they push this inaccurate idea of our form of a government as a Democracy.

The fact is we are not a Democracy. (See Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution for the only form of government mentioned in our Constitution.) We were never created as a Democracy for specific reasons.

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Democracy was a form of government under consideration. However, after some debate and consideration it was pointedly rejected and is found nowhere in any framing document- including the Articles of Confederation or the Declaration of Independence.

The fact is, we were constructed as a Republic.

So, if our “Democracy” is being threatened Nancy, who cares?

Democracy is a threat in and of itself which the framers were careful to point out. Democracy was specifically avoided because as noted in Federalist #10:

Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention;

Federalist #10 – authored by James Madison

Current Examples

In case you may think that this is past history, one doesn’t have to go far to find current examples of this Madison prediction in our present day.

James Madison, considered the most knowledgeable of the framers on the forms of government, knew that while times may change- the character of man had not “evolved” beyond what it was in ancient Greece where Democracy was tried, applied and failed miserably.

That principle of the flawed or sinful inclination and constancy of the character of man in the form of faction holds true in our time as well.

One only has to observe the behavior of liberal leftist students on campuses today towards conservative students to see the Madison prediction unfolding.

Due to the leftist domination of our educational systems, from kindergarten on up to the so-called “higher” education, most students produced have been indoctrinated into and have dutifully accepted the leftist point of view.

Consequently, emotions and the identity politics of class struggle espoused by Karl Marx are therefore more important than facts and demonstrable results. The left is not driven by logic but rather by emotion. Emotion rules the left. Logic and demonstrable evidence is secondary.

Students representing a minority view, namely conservatives and Christians, are ridiculed, ignored, suppressed or attacked regularly by the leftist majority. Nothing new, it has been going on for decades. It has just gained traction and recognition, particularly since Donald Trump was elected.

Conservative speakers are automatically branded as purveyors of “hate speech”. Thus, the mob of leftist students are permitted to shout them down or even confront with angry mobs as we saw on Berkeley Campus with Antifa and Milo Yiannopoulos. Or the threat of violence as we saw with Anne Coulter.

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Whether or not they actually did espouse “hate” did not matter. What mattered is that they were the minority view and therefore wrong in the view of the majority. In a majority dominated Democracy- the majority rules and minorities have no voice. At least, not one that counts.

This is exactly, what Madison and the framers wanted to avoid. The predicted mobocracy of the majority Democracy shouting down and attacking minority views. Generating labels as targets like alt-right in the process.

Nothing new. In fact, the same behavior which the gospel author Luke recorded in Acts 19:34 nearly two thousand years ago when the Ephesus mob:

all with one voice about the space of two hours cried out, Great is Diana of the Ephesians.

Acts 19:34

in order to silence the Apostle Paul and his disciples.

The mob was incited to act under the pretense of protecting the integrity of the Goddess Diana when, in fact it was actually intentionally generated by the silver smith idol makers to protect their livelihood.

Sounds much like Pelosi and her ilk who incite the public with threats to a non-existent “Democracy” to protect their power based interests and goals as well.

Big Tech Example

The behavior of Big Tech towards conservatives has also notably fit into this behavioral model. It has been documented that much of the Big Tech employee base in Google, Facebook and Twitter are young.

Fresh products of the leftist indoctrination factory euphemistically named “public education” and pressure from advertisers has forced Big Tech decidedly left.

Western Journal – 10/25/18

So much so that Big Tech advertisers like Google, Facebook and Twitter have constructed algorithm’s that suppress conservative voices on the web of all stripes and colors while boosting liberals.

The silent equivalence of the majority once again suppressing the minority. Once again liberals silencing conservatives.

Back to the Pelosi Tactic, the majority overrules the minority under the pretense of being on the right side which in their case is actually pretty far left.

In actuality, those on the left like Nancy are the biggest threat to our existence. If the far left could cement themselves into power, ultimately tyranny would prevail.

We already see shades of that with behaviors expressed through college students and Big Tech. If they were to take total control, those kinds of behaviors would multiply. More violence. More tyrannical oppression of opposing points of view. Ultimately, less freedom under the tyranny of the illusion of equality.

The only thing being equal is that only one point of view is permissible – theirs.