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Destruction of Statues is Not Intended to Help Society- But Rather to Erase and Replace Our National Identity

By Terry | American Decline

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Russia narrative is running out of steam. Despite the drum beat of the issue by the leftist liberals in the media, an obvious lack of evidence is forcing the Anti-Trump movement and its sycophant, Corporate controlled media to replace it with a proven favorite- racism.

An oldie but goodie racism has regularly been used by the far left to denigrate any worthy opponent of their idealized fantasies.

One of the aces in the hole for the cultural Marxist narrative has always been class struggle. Racism has been proven to be a useful way to promote class struggle for Marxists.

Our culture has been steeped in it partially through the media indoctrination of our children in a public school system which functions more as an indoctrination factory than an education facility these days. Standard skills like math, reading and science are slipping but social issues such as gender identity and racism are firmly ensconced in our classroom settings from Kindergarten on up.

Another Marx Inspired Technique

Debt from the control of the banking system, another Marxist plank of the Communist Manifesto, dismantles an economy- while transferring control to a privileged elite. This has been well established through the Federal Reserve Banking cartel. Initialized in 1913, it has subsequently destroyed the value of the dollar through debt based inflation to 5 cents of its value when the Federal Reserve began.

A sister act, the class struggle narrative, is used to promote social disintegration while central banking, aka the Federal Reserve, is used to erode the economy.

Racism is a key player in the class struggle narrative and always in play.

As the Russian collusion narrative loses impact, racism is being advanced back to the front burner. If allowed to proceed, its end game will lead to State dominance as a solution to restore order to the economic and social chaos that both will produce as we see happening today in Venezuela.

Venezuela- Current Day Application

As we are currently witnessing, the Marxist inspired socialism of the late Hugo Chavez has degenerated the nation economically and socially. Maduro is using the chaos socialism has created to install a dictatorship, rounding up opponents with no legal basis other than his claimed government position of power. Ultimately, this is always where Marxist inspired socialism has always led- minority control and corruption- not power to the people as the hollow claim of the Marx and Engels Manifesto trumpets.

Steps in the Path

Along the way to State control of the people, the past must be eliminated.

In doing this a blank page of sorts is generated.

On to this blank page, a new social order modeled after Marxist ideology is inserted which further eliminates the past national identity.

It takes time, particularly in larger nations, but the end goal is to remake society to match the idyllic dream of Karl Marx. Unfortunately, while the dream of “power to the people” sounds plausible and hopeful, in the end it really only works for the controlling minority and never for the masses.

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The Next Step is Being Implemented

What is now surfacing is the next step in the Marxist reconstruction of society- destruction of a nations past so that a new model can be installed in the historical vacuum left behind. Cities cooperating with a quiet and covert take down of past monuments have quickly taken up the movement of monument removal without even citizen pressure. Of course, they are run by leftist Democrats such as in Baltimore for example which is still in disarray in large measure thanks to their liberal left policies. No worries. Leftism still reigns despite its failures.

Racism is the buzzword being used to justify the actions leading to the elimination of monuments that are part of our overall national identity. It, of course. is justified by a cooperative liberal media.

Fact is, there are many lessons to be learned from our civil war. Racist slavery was not the only issue of note, nor even the most important one IMHO. It is not to be washed away but rather studied in more depth if we are to glean the wisdom of these lessons and not be doomed to repeat its mistakes as George Santayana put it.

However, beyond the civil war monuments, already the framers are being included. There have even been mentions of Mount Rushmore, Teddy Roosevelt and Honest Abe. What’s next the removal of the Washington Monument; the renaming of our capital?

Forty One signers of the Constitution owned slaves. Is the Constitution another target. Giving credence to this elimination agenda certainly sets it up to be one. After all, the mob will cry, it was created by racist slave owners.

It is quite clear that we are on a very slippery slope here.  How far down this rabbit hole are we going to allow ourselves to be taken?

Don’t Look the Other Way

Citizens need to step up and resist these actions. These monument removals are not going to lead to a better society but are rather priming us for a social system dominated by the State.

That is why the monument removal is being inserted very quickly into the social narrative. It is another way to increase the power of a new world order by eliminating more of the established one.

Suddenly, leftist opportunists who lust for more State power like Nancy Pelosi are jumping on this band wagon. Been if office for over 20 years but suddenly with the Trump win threatening her unlimited State agenda, she is joining the fray.

No matter what Trump says, he is being painted as a racist, even after clearly denouncing the KKK, White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis on three occasions within three days of the riots in Charlotte, Va. They need that racist label narrative to continue and grow. The more they can inject it into the national narrative, the easier their job of disrupting and replacing what is left of our Constitutional freedoms and its social order will be.

What the Results Show

Let’s be honest here (something in short supply these days), the left turn of our Constitutional Republic into a Marxist oriented Democracy has wreaked havoc on our economy, personal freedoms, social morality and societal order. Our nation is a mess and it sure ain’t the conservative Constitutionalist or conservative Christian that has generated this mess.

In the last 8 years alone, Obama spent more public money (nearly $10 Trillion) more than all previous Presidents combined. Yet, food stamps grew markedly, suicide rates among youth are high, millions more dropped off the employment rolls (despite the gamed government numbers), wages for the average citizen remained stagnant while Obama’s massive spending fueled inflation making our level wage base (with paltry annual raises) buy less of the goods we need, let alone have excess to invest or spend on entertainment. There is more, much more than space allows here.

In short, America does not appear to be on the rise, as perceived and experienced by many average citizens. A recent Harris poll showed that 78% of the people live paycheck to paycheck.

Enter an alternative, Donald Trump- a non politician who doesn’t need the money and goes after issues of real concern to the people.

Useful In Yet Another Way

Despite the incessant negative media reporting and attack, the Clinton machine, the predictions of no possible path to 280, Trump won. Hard to take for the left after 8 years of gains with a candidate who was considered a shoe in.

The left, in fear of losing their Marxist inspired gains (euphemistically called progressivism or liberalism) are apoplectic. They are pulling out all stops to block the changes Trump has already generated and promised.

Racism is, as mentioned already, is another one of the left’s tools. However, it also serves another purpose for the progressive agenda- diversion.

As long as the public is chasing the windmills generated by the racist narrative, they stay distracted from the real problems that the progressive agenda’s overspending and overreach of government have created. This is quite a useful tool for politicians who can’t afford to take responsibility for the mess they created. It won’t help their re-election possibilities.

Now, even the banking cartel created UN, which entirely lacks moral credibility, warned the U.S. over its racism. Another leftist org throwing its hat in the ring. How surprising.

Soviets Called Them Useful Idiots

What the useful idiots being used to promote this narrative don’t get is that are being played as fools. They think they are going after the “man” when in reality they are doing the “man’s” bidding and assisting the status quo.

The racist diversion is useful for those who have accrued power and become rich from public funds. While, the public attention is diverted from their failed promises tilting at racist windmills, they can continue to push their State growth agenda to accrue more power and money. Maxine Waters, one who is leading the charge, would know.

Tragically for them, after their usefulness is no longer needed, the ruling minority once established will eliminate the “useful idiots”, as Maduro is beginning to do in Venezuela. It always happens once totalitarianism replaces freedom with State dominance.

Those of us who recognize the danger and ignorance of these actions need to step up and put a stop to this erasure of our past history before we are left with no national identity or freedoms.

In the vacuum of historical erasure will be a Leviathan State in firm control as they are in Marxist societies like China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela among others. Don’t think it can’t happen here. In too many ways, it already has.

Police and the Media Approve Apparently

While the Police Stood By A Mob Destroyed Public Property. Here I Thought Police Were Paid by Taxes to Preserve Law and Order?

Another point that must be mentioned is the role of the police in the events of Charlotte. One must ask the important question, Where were the police in Charlotte when the statue was being pulled down?

Apparently, they simply were standing idly by doing absolutely nothing to prevent civil disorder from reigning while a mob actively and disgracefully destroyed public property.

Meanwhile, Communists fist salutes are seen periodically in the crowd. The People’s Party marched down the street in Charlotte with a banner claiming, “We Won.” Won what exactly? is a question that must be asked and answered.

This behavior is akin to the destruction of history conducted by Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. Why are we allowing it to happen here yet objecting to the same behaviors over there?

CNN condemned this behavior in the Middle East in an article in March 2015 writing: “The spectacle would be ridiculous and pathetic if it were not so tragic.” On Charlotte, I have seen nothing similar.

Historical property here apparently takes on a different light when it supports the left’s primary narrative particularly in locales with a strongly progressive agenda.

What Must Be Done

We need to stop this behavior quickly, not allow it to accelerate as Democratic led cities like Baltimore and others are now doing. History is history, both good and bad. We can learn from it or as the oft used saying previously mentioned from George Santayana goes, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Preserve, study and learn, not be doomed to repeat is a more intelligent process than mindless destruction, except there is an insidious purpose behind these actions.

It has it’s basis in the tenants of Karl Marx. It is not happening spontaneously either. It is a planned agenda which engendered rapid cooperation in other cities without any citizen pressure as though it were already waiting to be done once one domino fell.

Let’s not lose sight of the dark little leftist secret in the melee that we see before us. While it may appear to be a buzzing mess. It reflects more planning than meets the media eye.

The plan is clearly there if you care to look upon it without those proverbial rose colored glasses on but rather see it through the eyes of the Marxist inspired ideology.

Fortunately, however there is a lesson that may have been learned from Charlotte by police enforcement here as was demonstrated in Boston by keeping opposite groups separated. This was applied again in Laguna Beach, California where only 3 arrests were made. However, note what the counter protest group theme was….racism. Of course, what other issue could be more important, right?