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Trump Derangement Syndrome Examples- Nuclear War and Economic Collapse is Better Than Donald Trump

By Terry | Cultural Marxism

The following video provides two examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). it additionally demonstrates how twisted media inspired ideology can make you.

The current media induced malady is known as Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS for short. Persons severely infected with this malady are so deranged that they may be convinced that nuclear war and economic collapse is better than seeing Donald Trump succeed with his policies to make America great again.

The following video are two brief examples of how this newly diagnosed mental illness is being spread and having a serious impact upon public mental health.

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Bill Maher- Apparently Hates Trump But Loves Venezuela?

So as shown above, Bill Maher stated on June 8th on his HBO show that he would rather see the American economy crash than keep Donald Trump as President.

Mahers has obviously been impacted in a serious way with TDS. Bill’s statement on the show was was reflected in response to a guest who said, “I feel like the bottom [of the U.S. economy] has to fall out at some point.”

His TDS impacted response was:

[quote]BTW, I’m hoping for it because one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession.”

He added, “Sorry if that hurts people but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy,[/quote]

Perhaps that is part of the problem. Bill doesn’t know which country he resides in. Uh, Bill, we’re not a Democracy. We were instituted as a Constitutional Republic. Bill, should actually read the Constitution before he makes any further political comments. (He won’t of course because he already thinks he knows it all, another symptom of TDS.) Article 4, Section 4. No mention of Democracy in ANY founding document. Any would mean none btw.

So, Mr. Maher is so severely impacted by TDS that he believes if American citizens had to enter into an economy like Venezuela is going through now with rioting, looting, violent theft, government crackdowns producing tyranny, starvation, growing poverty and worse (That’s why an economic crash produces btw.) that situation would be better than having Donald Trump as President.

Not mentioned by Bill of course is that Maher’s wealth would allow him to ride out an economic collapse far more easily than the majority of the rest of us. So, really what does he actually care? He’d just hang out and smoke pot until the dust cleared or he died whichever came first. It wouldn’t be of starvation though like millions of others though.

Michelle Wolf- Nuclear War Better Than Peace?

The audience on Netflix comedienne Michelle Wolf’s show was asked: “Are you sort of hoping we don’t get peace with North Korea so you wouldn’t have to give Trump credit?” 

71% responded “Yes”

Uh, talk about “hate America”. These people, brainwashed by the constant leftist media bombardment of Anti-Trump propaganda, would rather see America engaged in a nuclear war than to have Donald Trump succeed. I guess logical thought vanishes when TDS takes over your thought processes. The media and our educational system certainly has done a good job of brainwashing the public though.

Long Term Results of TDS

For those afflicted with TDS, here are some noticeable symptoms:

1. TDS Impacted People Live In An Imaginary Dream World.

People impacted with TDS are so disconnected from the reality of the real lives of people and the world that they believe that an ideology which has done nothing but produce human pain everywhere it has been applied is better than being permitted to create your own reality in a free market.

2. TDS Fuels Hatred of An America Free of Government Tyranny

The more extreme cases of TDS are apparently comfortable with using far more violence to inflict their way of life on the rest of us, than those who support Trump. This is evident from their demonstrations and behaviors since Donald Trump’s election. Of course, that may mean death and destruction and more human suffering, so be it. The goal is State control and dominance. And welllll………if you break a few eggs to create an omelette along the way, no worries. The tyranny of the State is worth it according to their skewed, non-evidential values.

3. TDS’rs Hate Freedom- Including Freedom of Choice

An economy free of heavy government control naturally means some will materially succeed better than others since we are not all alike. Marxists claim that isn’t right. 

You may ask, based on what evidence? Well, actually….none. Since the birth of recorded history, some are more talented at making money or creating wealth through their activities. Some created it through agriculture, some through business etc. Others place more emphasis on less material pursuits such as Art, religion, athletics, home building including handling children as a mother etc. etc. etc.

Fact is, we all differ in talent and earning capacity. Some care a lot. To others, making money (or placing your faith in things that are impacted by moth and rust as the bible puts it) is not that important.

Life unless manipulated by promises out of its natural flow never guarantees everyone a guarantee of equality, nor should it. We should certainly be equal in our freedom to choose. However, material equality can only be accomplished through an enforced tyranny that forcibly takes from those who earn and give it to those who don’t earn enough, determined by the “progressives” in control, of course.

Unfortunately, since power tends to corrupt those who have the most of it, in a system which guarantees equality, the way it always works out is that the minority at the top feast and the rest who are ruled end up suffering under their thumb. A little research into the history of applied Marxist ideology clearly shows how this story of human idyllic manipulation always ends.

TDS- A Danger to Humanity

People like the uttra rich Maher and the silly comedienne Wolf give the twisted progressive left (euphemisms for Marxists) a platform to voice their violent, pain producing ideologies which have no evidence of success anywhere- ever.

Obama got a clean bill of health while he ran up the national debt to dangerously, high levels. Now that we are teetering, progressives want Trump to take the blame.

Obama’a lack of action and wimpy passivity on North Korea emboldened Kim Il to get even more dangerously aggressive. Now, they hate that Trump is doing what should have been done decades ago but never tried.

They are so angry at seeing their Marxist progress made under Obama dismantled, they would rather replace their losses with American suffering and death than have their idealized dreams die.

The Mind- A Terrible Thing to Waste

Like the old ad slogan about your mind on drugs, TDS is a dangerous sickness.

It causes you to settle for other’s people’s opinions because you are too intellectually lazy to form your own. You substitute the hard work of researching a variety of counter points of view or the impact on actual reality and settle for someone else’s opinion.

The media rewards people who encourage your mindlessness rather than objective thinking. They want mindless people as viewers because mindless people don’t read, they watch.

Mindless people don’t think. That takes too much effort. They become lazy and want to be given everything- materially and intellectually while being placated with amusement.

Their great goal in life is to have more fun.

They don’t notice that they may have become little more than slaves to the plantation owners which provide them with Corporate jobs and government hand outs.

They don’t seem to mind that their rights are granted through the work place rules or by government who tells them what they can and can not do with their homes or to protect themselves against violent people who aim to harm them or their family or take their earned possessions.

They don’t mind have the government remove their earned income and distribute it to someone else as they choose. It may benefit government “servants” more than them, but no worries. It is easier than having to think, isn’t it?

Yeah, the mind is a terrible thing to waste and TDS sure seems to be a good way to waste one, or more, of them. If you suffer from this disease, the first step is to choose education over amusement.

Not easy and even sometimes hard work but who knows, you may actually discover that you have a greater capacity for real thinking than you ever actually thought. How cool would that be?