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Feb 27

Some Final Thoughts on the Guns and Ammo Article- Part 3

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , American Decline , anti God , anti religion , Bill of Rights , Central Banking Conspiracy , collectivism , Economic Collapse , Federal Reserve , Government Deception , Gun Control , National Debt , New World Order

Just a few random thoughts about the Guns and Ammo article and the response of the subscribers to the article. While I fully applaud and appreciate their response and pray for more of the same from informed citizens, it is only one issue. While it is an important issue and can reach far, it is […]

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Feb 23

Heads Roll at Guns and Ammo Over Editorial on the 2nd Amendment – The Power of Informed Citizens, Part 1

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control , Military , Personal Liberty

I was working on my hunter friend’s computer at work the other day which was ailing. As the processes were taking some time to run, I picked up an issue of Guns and Ammo (December 2013) he had around and browsed through it. On the last page was the closing editorial entitled “Let’s Talk Limits: […]

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Jan 27

Another Thought on the 2nd Amendment- A Basic Truth Often Missing from the Discussion

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Personal Liberty , The Constitution

s I was reading this book which I stumbled across on Amazon called For Individual Rights: A Treatise on Human Relations, it occured to me that the concepts I was learning applied directly to the Second Amendment. They were ideas based on natural law which is to say laws that exist because you are human and not […]

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Jan 23

Off Limits? The Prescription Medication Connection to Sandy Hook and Other Shootings

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control

David Kupelian, author of The Marketing of Evil and How Evil Works who documented the relationship of prescription medication in his book How Evil Works commented on The Giant, Gaping Hole in Sandy Hook Reporting today. A 60 Minutes interview with friends of Sandy Hook shooter Adam’s Lanza’s mother, revealed that Adam “was on medications […]

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Jan 19

If Guns are the Cause, then Should We Pre-empt Further Violence and Strictly Control the Use of Knives and Axes and Box Cutters……..and Hammers even?

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control , The Constitution

n the very same day that Adam Lanza went on his killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the event below took place in Central China at 7:40 a.m. as children were entering their school gates. An elderly woman was also injured in the attack. Apparently, it must be noted, that in strict gun control […]

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