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Promoting Gun Control in Our Public Schools

By Terry | 2nd Amendment

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”georgia” style=”italic” size=”scmgc-3em”]T[/dropcap]he indoctrination begins at an early age in public schools. If you are not fitting into the accepted narrative, why you can get your little self suspended.

In Suffolk, Virginia two 7 year old boys were suspended for pretending to use pencils as guns. They could even have been banned for even drawing guns with those pencils as well!

Apparently, pencils in Suffolk are really, really dangerous implements of destruction! Better nip this pencil stuff in the bud before it gets carried away I guess.

There Was a YouTube News Report Up here

It was terminated Due to Copyright Infringements

Uh huh, Copyright Infringements My You Know What.

Ok, that kid does look pretty dangerous ya gotta admit. I mean a camouflage hat and all.  This kid is definitely a potential serial killer. No doubt about it.

Oh please, spare us the drama! When I was a kid, it was called play. That was before the advent of SSRI drugs of course when there wasn’t any mass school shootings. We had plenty of plastic guns so we didn’t have to resort to pencils then. We had pencils then too.

I used them to draw pictures of fights (I was a boxing fan even as a child.). I sometimes drew battle oriented scenes since I had those little plastic soldiers. I would even stage battles in the dirt in the yard or on the rug at home.

We also used to play army games in the neighborhood. Fortunately, none of my childhood friends went on to become serial killers or conduct public shootings. Some like me ended up in the armed forces and went to Nam of course, but we were allowed to shoot people there. Well, kinda anyway.

Gee, good thing these kids weren’t pretending to be doctors or something like that. Iatrogenic illness (physician caused disease) killed an estimated 250,000 or more patients according to CDC figures. Course they haven’t been doing too well with heart disease either with 2010 totals of 597,689 deaths from heart disease along with another 574,743 from Cancer the 2 leading causes of death. That would place iatrogenic illness in 3rd place on the mortality list.

So what about firearms on the list? I mean they surely must be right on up there right? Being so dangerous and all.

[vsw id=”x1Vu6fWro68″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Well, as it turns out, according to the FBI, in 2009 total firearm deaths amounted to 9,146. Total! Of those totals, 6,842 were from handguns.

But how many from rifles? Those really, really dangerous weapons. Almost as dangerous as a pencil even. Well, the total there would be 348.

That’s right, according to the FBI, 348!

Heck, knives and cutting instruments were responsible for 1,825 deaths- 1,477 more than rifles. Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.)? 611- 263 more than rifles. Heck, even the personal weapons category (hands, fists and feet) totaled 801 deaths or 453 more than rifles. So thank heavens those kids didn’t ball their fists up and shadow box huh?

I think the real solution to all of this is to ban any child who doesn’t do everything he is told to do without question from school until they can get it right and comply!

Or maybe they can just ban any form of being a child or boy at play? Better they just do what they are told and bend to the will of their teachers. Guess that would include sex with the teachers too I suppose.

Fortunately, some states like Kansas and Missouri are telling the Federal government to go pound sand and stay away from our 2nd amendment rights. Virginia legislators ought to join the club.