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The Foolish Right and Left Wing Paradigms – Deception Through the Media

By Terry | Government Deception , media deception , Military , National Debt , war

A recent post on a Survivor oriented blog reminded me of how thoroughly people have been misled by the media. After an article entitled Hacking the News, which depicted the press as being sold-out to liberalism, a reader posted the following response: “This writer is delusional in his assessment of “liberal” news reporting and the […]

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Heads Roll at Guns and Ammo Over Editorial on the 2nd Amendment – The Power of Informed Citizens, Part 1

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control , Military , Personal Liberty

I was working on my hunter friend’s computer at work the other day which was ailing. As the processes were taking some time to run, I picked up an issue of Guns and Ammo (December 2013) he had around and browsed through it. On the last page was the closing editorial entitled “Let’s Talk Limits: […]

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Collateral Damage- Why Can the Military Kill Innocent Civilians and Nobody Talks About Controlling Their Guns?

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control , Military

 guess its OK if you are in the military and a few dozen, hundred or even hundreds of thousands of civilians die as a result of what is referred to as Collateral Damage, the title of a book by Chris Hedges. After all, they are the military and represent their respective governments. And well, government […]

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Le Mis- The Hidden Back Story – Part 9

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts , Deception by Omission , French Revolution , Government conspiracy , Illuminati , Military

hile planning for the happiness of the human race beginning with the Socialist transformation of France with absolute equality and universal contentment, Robespierre and his followers decided that the population must be reduced by more than half.This began what was known as the reign of terror. War was waged against everything that made up a […]

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