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Les Mis – The Hidden Back Story- Final Part 10

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”geneva” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]S[/dropcap]o what happened to the conspirators who planned and carried out the great Revolution? Well, almost to a man they all bit the dust for their crimes against humanite.

The Duke of Orleans who pledged his honor, fortune and blood to the revolution lost them all. Used as a tool, cheated by the conspiracy he supported, he was led to the guillotine amid the insults and jeers of the crowd to whom he had been represented as an idol.

Mirabeu, an early leader, died suddenly 2 days after he turned against his former friends.

Danton, the man who engineered the massacres of September? Guillotine

Marat? Stabbed through the heart by a woman in his own home. It was said that his body decayed with amazing rapidity after his death.

Carrier, the child killer and mass drowning master, was executed by the guillotine surrounded by a jeering multitude.

Robespierre, chief architect of the events from October 1793 on, died a hideous death. Sensing the end was near he shot himself with a pistol. He only succeeded in fracturing his jaw. For hours he lay on the same table that his followers had used to plan the deaths of others, head on a wooden box.

At the guillotine, the executioner tore away the bandage about his head causing the fractured jaw to fall, leaving a gaping hole. It was said the victim then let go a tortured roar of agony heard to the furthest extremities of the square. When the severed head was held up to the crowd, people fell into each others arms crying, “At last we are free. The tyrant is no more!” The Reign of Terror had ended or did it?

80 years of war and revolution were to follow. The Directory (1795-1799) which succeeded the Convention lasted 4 years. The Consulate was formed and lasted 5 years both abolished because of tyranny and corruption.

In 1804 Napoleon became Emperor. Wars followed. Napoleon was overthrown and France returned to a monarchy calling Louis

Napolean Bonaparte1769- 1821

Napolean Bonaparte
1769- 1821

XVIII to the throne, only to last 6 months, deposed by Napoleon. Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo in 1815 and foreign armies once again entered France. (Waterloo  led to the takeover of the British economy by Nathan Rothschild. An interesting story shared in The Creature from Jekyll Island. See the Rothschild formula for the relationship of war to central bankers in The Creature from Jekyll Island.)

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

Louis XVIII was recalled and served 9 years until his death, the only government that did not come to a violent end during the 80 year period.Charles X followed and was overthrown in 1830 by the Orleanists who placed Louis Philippe on the throne. He was driven out after 18 years of unrest. A third French revolution of 1848 proclaimed a 2nd Republic.

In the end the feudal system replaced by the French Revolution was mild when compared with the most frightful tyranny the world has ever seen. In total during the 80 years of turmoil, the French ran through 6 more Constitutions.

Now that you have the Les Miserables back story, you can see why the film should be dark and why the people were miserable. Apparently, with the Illuminati brand of liberty, freedom and equality comes misery or more specifically Les Miserables.

Hey, with the French Revolution as a preface, you would be miserable too……right?