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The UN – A Peace Organization or a Deception and Tool of the New World Order?- Part 2

By Terry | Military

Congressional Declaration of War- A Thing of the Past?

As a U.S. Marine Vietnam Vet, in country during the famous Tet offensive who spent time in Dong Ha, Phu Bai and Quang Tri, I have a personal connection to the war in Vietnam. US Troops in Vietnam Hence, I have a natural curiosity on  facts, hidden or revealed related to VietNam.

Along the way, this has encouraged me to look a bit more carefully at all of our national military engagements including other post WWII conflicts.

Over time I discovered that our nation’s engagement in wars since WWII was far different in nature than what has been portrayed by the government and the media.

The major difference has been the entrance of the UN as an active partner and governing sponsor of our wars. A fact that our media and politicians simply do not acknowledge.

The Korean “Police Action”

Let’s briefly revisit our nation’s first UN sponsored war, the Korean “Police Action”. Of course, it is never thought of as a UN sponsored war, but it, in fact, was. Let’s look at it a bit more carefully.

Dateline: Korea- June 25, 1950 Communist forces of North Korea, armed and trained by the Soviets, invade South Korea.

Two days after this invasion, the UN issued Resolution #83 which called on members of the United Nations to aid South Korea.

Under the UN Participation Act, Truman announced he would comply. American troops and equipment were deployed to Korea. When questioned about the war, Truman said:

We are not at war; this is a police action.

At the outset, the war officially titled a “police action”, did not go well. However, General MacArthur conceived and conducted a daring end run and invaded Inchon Harbor, a complete surprise to the North Koreans. At that point, he could have crushed the North Korean forces. However, restrictions were placed on his movements by President Truman. (A high level Mason BTW.) HarryTruman_freemason

MacArthur Dismissed

When a confused MacArthur complained of the restrictions, he was dismissed by Truman .  In the end, superior numbers of Chinese forces drove the U.S. troops back across the border to South Korea.

For 3 years the Korean “police action” under the overall command of the UN dragged on. This so-called “police action” cost our nation 33,746 dead, 103,284 wounded, and 8,177 missing.

Under the UN this war was never meant to be won. The UN overseers made certain that it would not be. One of the reasons was that all actions and orders related to the war had to go through the UN since they were actually directing the war which is likely why Truman dismissed MacArthur. He was actually trying to win this war and could have quite effectively.

To this day, no truce has ever been declared in Korea. Chinese General Lin Piao years later made this statement about the conflict:

“I would never have made the attack and risked my men and military reputation if I had not been assured that Washington would restrain General MacArthur from taking adequate retaliatory measures against my lines of supply and communication.”

The UN, whom Truman complied with, made sure that war was never won. And it never has been.

As are our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan today, Korea was conducted under NATO, a UN based treaty organization.

The Next UN Based Conflict

Read the following carefully. It may make your blood boil a bit. I know it did mine when I discovered these facts.

Vietnam was the next major conflict which engaged U.S. troops. It also was conducted under UN resolutions. However, this time in place of NATO another UN based treaty organization called SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) was the authority for our Vietnam maneuvers.

State Dept. Bulletin 8062, March 28, 1966 stated:

“The Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty authorizes the President’s actions. The Government of the United States has informed the Security Council promptly and fully of all our major activities in Vietnam.”

Secretary of State Dean Rusk (CFR), November 26, 1966 stated:

“It is this fundamental SEATO obligation that has from the outset guided our action in South Vietnam.”

Along with UN overall control of the war came UN rules. The result: “Rules of Engagement” which hand cuffed our Marines and forces in Nam.

Watch the following 6:44 minute YouTube video for a summary of the rules of engagement and some of the background deceptions involved in the Vietnam war:

[youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” theme=”light”]

Despite the crippling rules of engagement, the NVA and Cong were decimated after Tet. Hue was razed (I know because I went through it on a convoy headed to Phu Bai after the Tet offensive. It was reduced to rubble.) However, the Communist takeover was eliminated completely a month after the city was overrun. Fact is, the NVA did not hold on to a single city after Tet and were quickly run out of most of them.

Losses for the 300,000 NVA and Viet Cong forces were between 75,000 to 80,000 troops.

American losses amounted to 1,536 dead, 7,500 wounded. The South Vietnamese military lost 2,788 killed and 8,000 wounded.

However, UN backing, new world order traitors like Walter Kronkite (CFR), spun the Tet offensive as an American defeat. Long time CFR member Kronkite aired this on 2/27/68 just after the North Vietnamese got their heads handed to them with huge troop losses,

“It is increasingly clear…that the only rational way out…will be to negotiate, not as victors, but as honorable people who lived up to their pledge to defend democracy, and did the best they could.”

The media and our politicians turned the public against the troops and the war.

We lost the war not on the battlefield despite the handcuffs the Rules of Engagement placed on us, but because the UN never wanted it won. Traitors in the media and our government who were more loyal to the UN and the New World Order than our nation gave away our victory. Representatives like Henry Kissinger (CFR) threw away the baby with the bathwater at the Paris peace talks.

Of course, the media drumbeat turned the youth of America against this conflict. As anyone who lived during those times knows, Vietnam was a highly unpopular war at the time. The Pentagon Papers were released by Lesley Gelb a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Watch the full 10 part series on the CFR Conspiracy by James Perloff author of Shadows of Power which presents the history of the CFR, Federal Reserve and its relationship to our wars in a capsulized presentation.

Surely everyone from the 60’s surely remembers this popular little ballad with a catchy tune that reflected the attitudes of youth towards the war in Vietnam:

[youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” theme=”light”]

And just what was our nations total human cost in Vietnam?

47,355 dead, 153,303 wounded and 2,487 MIA. (some estimates higher). Not good of course, but not the crushing numbers of dead that the NVA and Viet Cong suffered overall which numbered in the hundreds of thousands and exceeded a million in total when all casualties were counted both North and South.

And bear in mind that this was a UN sponsored war. It was not one that our Congress declared as our Constitution our rule of law requires. Who really ever heard of the tiny nation of Vietnam until the war? There is more to this story than meets the eye of course, but it is well hidden from the public eye behind a facade of media generated “patriotism”.

Even today, I am occasionally thanked for my participation in that war, but I cannot in good conscience accept that compliment knowing that it was not for the overall benefit of our nation and our Constitutionally supported natural rights and freedoms.

The Real Winners in Nam

As it turned out, the real victors of Nam were the international financiers who created the UN through the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The US troops withdrew in a politically generated defeat. The international financiers generated massive new debt. The military industrial complex generated high profits. The American public suffered international humiliation in a war that was in reality completely winnable.

The lives lost were not the only loss for our nation. The loss of control over our citizens and resources to an international body with no connection to our nation was one the public never hears about.

The undermining of what politicians like George Bush refer to as our Constitutional “rule of law” which led to the use of our troops under the direction of the UN is never mentioned even today as our troops are placed under NATO, a UN based treaty organization.

The Hidden Agenda

What these wars are really about is:

  • The generation of more debt for the international financiers
  • The strengthening of the UN using our troops and resources as the main source for their operations
  • The exercise of more State generated power over the citizens which “state of war” conditions allow

Two time Congressional Medal of Honor Marine General Smedley Butler had it right when he stated in the title of his book that – War is a Racket. In our modern era, the UN is used to guide and justify this racket to the great benefit of the financial/political international financiers!

The reality we live with today is that wars since the UN’s charter signing in San Francisco in 1945 have been a nearly continuous event.

All our major international conflicts (far from home I may add) since WWII have been initiated under UN resolutions and guided by UN rules.

There have been no Congressionally declared wars as our Constitution specifies since WWII. All have been under UN resolutions and NATO directed.

A Peace Organization?

How then actually is the UN a Peace Organization? Wars conducted under its authority that never end or end in defeat to the non-Communist forces. Can these results reflect that of a peace organization? What kind of a peace is that? Certainly not one that any normal, freedom loving, rational individual would choose or accept.

Go back to Part 1 and watch “The UN Deception” online on YouTube for a UN primer if you missed it. Alternatively, read The United Nations Exposed or United Nations Global Strait Jacket for some of the facts you will never get from the mainstream media or our liberal universities. The UN is NOT what it appears. It is the instrument of the New World Order elites designed to produce a global straight jacket of one world government. A jacket that can only result in tyranny and lack of freedom under the thumb of an overriding global State.