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The Most Dangerous Superstition

By Terry | Bill of Rights

The phone rang. The number was local but unfamiliar. I was expecting someone from PSE&G to call and confirm an appointment that I had made for the afternoon,  so I uncharacteristically picked it up rather than letting it go to the answering machine.


A firm demanding voice replied, “I need to speak with the person who handles the payments of your PSE&G account.”

“Why?” I inquired.

Once again authoritatively the reply came back, “This is Ashley from Blah Blah Blah to lock in your savings with your PSE&G account. I need to speak with the person who handles the payments of your PSE&G account.”


I don’t respond well to authority. If she called back, it would have gone to voice mail.

You know, I can’t fully blame Ashley. She was trained to be that way, unfriendly, authoritative and demanding by her call center employer, I would bet. Now, the question I find myself asking is: Why?

I already know the answer. So that question to myself is well……rhetorical.

Americans have been conditioned to respond to authority.

Authority wants it that way. It serves them, not us.

It begins in school as we are regimented to respond to their schedules. Take their predetermined curriculum’s. Sit quietly and respond or risk disciplinary action.

Then, it continues at work where we are told when to appear and when to leave. What days and hours to work. Who we should work with whether we choose to or not. (Ever suffered through years of working with someone you could not stand whether you liked it or not?)

And, of course, it permeates our local township and police who tell us we must come to a complete STOP or risk a traffic court appearance and fine on “their” time, of course. It goes all the way on up to the politicians and banksters who determine and run our lives.

If you haven’t noticed, it is destroying our God given liberties and our nation.

So Just What is the Most Dangerous Superstition?

Larken Rose wrote a book called “The Most Dangerous Superstition” I would encourage anyone reading this post to read, absorb and apply it’s message. It is a good one even if it flies in the face of all of our societal conditioning. We all need to hear it and then put it to use or the miniscule minority will control ALL of us from cradle to grave. And let’s be honest here, they practically do already, don’t they?

Watch this short YouTube video called The Tiny Dot:

[vsw id=”H6b70TUbdfs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

It is time to do as the poster that circulated years ago said: “Question Authority”. It is time to begin to trust yourself as the authority in your life. Time to stop looking outside yourself for how to resolve your problems or the problems of others and assume control at the wheel of our lives.

Our Constitution confirms our God given sovereignty. Heck, blood was spilled by our ancestors to give us our freedoms. That is real.

The idealized “collective” or “the greater good for the greatest number of people” is a contrived fantasy from the Illuminati and the Marxists. It has been contrived to keep us in bondage to they who decide that they want the fruits of our labors and complete control over each of our lives………….from cradle to grave and beyond even!

It is way past the time to step up and assert your personal sovereign freedom. Please begin today. We all need the help.

Meanwhile, if Ashley or any of her ilk call, hang up!

She won’t like it, but for you it may be a start. Keep it going and do more of it.

Read more? Click the image below:

What is the most dangerous superstition?

What is the most dangerous superstition?