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Obama Gets Schooled by African Leaders on Homosexuality

By Terry | Cultural Marxism

During his recent trip to Africa, President Obama received some no-nonsense responses about the gay marriage issue from top African government and religious leaders as well as citizens.

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(President Obama’s response to the questioner begins at 16:54. Senegal President’s Mackey Sall response to the questioner begins at 28:36)

At the joint press conference posted above on 6/27/13 with Senegal’s president, Mackey Sall, Obama declared in response to a question about his calling the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) ruling a victory for couples seeking equal treatment under the law, the following:

“Well first all, I think the Supreme Court ruling yesterday was not simply a victory for the LGBT community, I think it was a victory for American Democracy. I believe at the root of who we are as people, as Americans is the basic precept that we are all equal under the law. We believe in basic fairness……So, my basic view is that regardless of race, regardless of religion, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation, when it comes to how the law treats you, how the state treats you, the benefits, the rights and the responsibilities under the law, people should be treated equally. And that’s a principle that I think applies universally. And the good news is that it is an easy principle to remember.”

Responding to Obama’s comments and a question directed to him about working to decriminalize homosexuality in Senegal, President Sall quickly made it clear that he and his nation do not see eye-to-eye with America’s chief executive.

“Senegal, as far as it is concerned is a very tolerant country which does not discriminate in terms of inalienable rights of the human being. We don’t tell anybody that he will not recruited because he is gay or he will not access a job because his sexual orientation is different, but we are still not ready to decriminalize homosexuality…It is Senegal’s option, at least for the time being, while we have respect for the rights of homosexuals but for the time being we are still not ready to change the law. Of course this does not mean that we are all homophobic but society has to absolve these issues. It has to have time to digest them without bringing pressure to bear upon these issues.….Please be assured that Senegal is a country of freedom and homosexuals are not being prosecuted, persecuted but we must also show respect for the values of the other Senegalese people.” 

Apparently, many of Senegal’s citizens thought their president should have been more emphatic. “He should have said, ‘This can never exist in Senegal; this can never happen here,’” Tidiane Gueye, a resident of Senegal’s capital city of Dakar, told the New York Times. “Senegal is 95 percent Muslim,” Gueye added. “As a Muslim country, we will not permit laws that allow gays to marry.”

Kenya’s leaders were just as adamant, with Deputy President William Ruto, speaking at a Catholic church on June 30, saying that for those, such as Obama, who embrace homosexuality, “that is their business. We believe in God.” He added that “the nation of Kenya is a God-fearing nation.”

Similarly, Nairobi’s archbishop, Cardinal John Njue, said that Obama might as well “forget and forget and forget” about the legalization of homosexuality in Africa. Speaking of America, Njue said that “those people who have already ruined their society … let them not become our teachers to tell us where to go.” In Tanzania, Anglican Bishop Michael Hafidh said most African leaders would have preferred that Obama keep his opinions on homosexuality to himself and focus on economic issues facing the continent.

A total of 38 countries throughout Africa, where the majority religious faiths are Islam and Christianity, have laws against homosexual conduct.  Of course the bible is pretty clear on the issue as well for those of us that still recognize that document as having some value.

Personally, I think the government doesn’t belong in the issue of marriage at all. And may I also mention that this is nothing more than cultural Marxism which is designed to dismantle the traditional family and the authority of parents along with it, to be replaced by the State of course.