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CNN is Desperately Trying to Save Face In Light of the Mueller Report Release

By Terry | Campaign Deception

Cuomo and Gaetz

Chris Cuomo, while trying to claim that Paul Manafort providing polling data to the Russians is a big deal and obvious collusion, told Matt Gaetz that, “Bob Mueller is more of a Republican than you’ve been on your best day.”

Oh really? After picking a team of highly biased Democrats and ignoring all claims related to Democrats, Hillary and the DNC, during the course of the costly investigation- he’s a better Republican? Like most of CNN’s claims, this one lacks evidence in the face of actual reality. Yet another to add to their 2 year pile.

CNN appears to be getting desperate to save face after nearly two years of full out accusations of Russian collusion on the part of the Trump campaign. They are grasping at straws to make a case.

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Practically Meaningless Cuomo Claim

First of all, Manafort was on the Trump campaign for about 100 days- leaving even before the Republican convention. What impact would that have on the election I wonder? Uh, like none.

Additionally, since polling data changes markedly from week to week and as the election approaches day by day, what is polling data going to do to sway the campaign? Especially data that was as freely available to the Russians as it was to Paul Manafort btw.

Even if Manafort did do what Cuomo claims he did, and there is no definitive proof that he did, what impact would it have on the results of an election?

The impact would, for all intents and purposes, be nearly nothing. This is particularly so when it turns out the polling data was wrong up to the day of and including the election itself.

As Gaetz attempts to point out, Manafort’s provision of wrong polling data is a completely meaningless claim.

CNN Being Exposed

CNN is looking more and more like the fake news that President Trump has been calling them during this “witch hunt” as he characterizes it, as the Mueller report gets closer to being released.

They are scrambling now to save face as the release of the report approaches. It is looking more and more like Mueller has no evidence of Russian Collusion after tens of million of taxpayer $ and nearly two full years of effort. The CNN claims are all falling apart and they are getting desperate.

Chris Cuomo Attack on Gaetz

Chris Cuomo told Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz that Mueller is more Republican than he is on his best day. What patent nonsense.

Is that why Mueller chose to populate his team with 17 Democrats? The Republican Mueller was the only Republican on the investigation team.

Is that also why Mueller only pursued paths that led to Republicans while ignoring the obvious facts pointing to the collusion of Hillary Clinton and the DNC with Fusion One, Glenn Simpson and former British intelligence agent, Richard Steele with Russian agents to produce the phony Russian dossier from campaign money that was never reported as such?

The uncorroborated dossier was then used to procure 4 FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Why no investigation on the part of Mueller into that aspect of the issue?

Cuomo, the useful idiot, has no real fact based reality to back up his biased and factually inaccurate statements over the past 2 years. CNN is facing backlash as their news gets exposed for what it is – completely false.

More misrepresentation and lies from the Communist News Network who have lied for over 2 years to the public about the Russian collusion on the part of Donald Trump that never was- while ignoring the collusion from lying Hillary that actually was.

Now, they and their uninformed, Trump hating readers are going to pay the price. They are dredging up whatever they can to save face with their readership who will end up eating the same crow as they will.

It appears that Crow apparently doesn’t taste all that good, but they deserve plenty of it and so do their foolish readers.