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Is the Recent Stock Market Rise for Real?

By Terry | American Decline

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”brawler” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]T[/dropcap]he stock market has risen to record levels these past few weeks. Of course, the so-called financial experts in the media point to it and declare the beginnings of a recovery. Gold and silver have been moving sideways at best rising a little and then falling back down. The experts ask, “Is gold’s bull run finally over?” The stock market however keeps on rising.

The question is, “Is it for real?” Is this record level of stocks an indication that all is well. We are finally moving in the right direction.

Personally, I am not buying it. Literally as well. With spring on the way, I liken what is happening in the market to what happens to sheep in the spring. You let their coats grow and grow until they get nice and long. And then you go out and shear them and reap the harvest of potential wool. To me, anyone who buys into this market is like the grazing sheep unaware that they are about to lose their coat.

It’s smoke and mirrors folks. G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island calls it “The legalized plunder of the American people.”

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Mark J. Grant, investment advisor and author of Out of the Box and On to Wall Street put it this way on February 13 of this year:

[box color=”green-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”caution”]“The financial world, at the moment, is a scary place. The signs of this are all about us and yet the consensus view is to worry about nothing.

This has been caused by one singular action which is the orchestrated input of cash into the financial system by every major central bank on Earth. Money will go somewhere as it is created and so it has which is exactly why the markets are at or close to all-time highs while economic conditions have crumbled precipitously. It is not this market or that market which is in a bubble but all of them and it is systemic by its very creation…….There is no inflation anywhere in any country we are told past some minor amount and yet, in the United States, gasoline prices surged to their highest level ever in the last few days.

Year to date prices are up 12% and rising quickly…..We live in dangerous times. Money created out of nothing and in such quantities that Valuation is called into question. Statistics made up and manipulated as a matter of due course and defended as Preservation of the State. Lies told with such straight faces and almost religious fervor designed to subdue the masses and place investors in a sterile coma where “fine” is the watchword of the marketplace.

It is all controlled, it is all manipulated but as the bills become due, as there is not enough cash in the drawers; events will happen, yields will rise, equity markets will fall and then a new and quite unpleasant set of circumstances and consequences will arrive.”[/box]

So what is one to do? Believe a media and government that has done nothing but lie to us for decades. Lies that have us embroiled in two wars now for over a decade. Wars which have cost us and the civilians in the nations we  have occupied their lives while also creating massive ill will towards this nation, along with Trillions of $ with continuing billions a month.

I mean really, have you ever really taken the time to objectively watch those towers fall which were supposed to have collapsed under the weight of pan caking floors? Problem is if you watch open mindedly (without the pre-digested government explanation) and carefully, you will note that the floors are disappearing into dust clearing the way for a free fall collapse. At the bottom, after the collapse, where are the floors? A massive steel structured building ends up a pile of rubble with layers of dust all over Manhattan.

Pan cakes? What pan cakes? Watch Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and make your own decision.

It is this deceptive government telling us all is in recovery and will end well. Deception by omission once again folks with the facts hidden carefully from view amid rosy forecasts from the pundits. The coat is growing. The sheep are contentedly grazing through the TV channel menus. The shearing is coming. Will you be prepared?


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