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The Rigged Mueller Investigation Looks Even Worse After Google Testifies Again in Front of Congress

By Terry | Campaign Deception , Donald Trump , Government Deception , Hillary Clinton , Uncategorized

Never-mind, that every one of the 14 lawyers selected by Robert Mueller for the “Russian Collusion” investigation are all Democrats who have contributed to Hillary or other Democrats campaigns. It’s not a leap of logic to assume they would have some bias against Donald Trump and Republicans, despite Democrat claims otherwise. Never-mind, that it is […]

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Why Donald Trump Did Not Violate Campaign Finance Laws – Despite the Hype From the Progressive Media

By Terry | Donald Trump , Government Deception , Hillary Clinton

Lady Justice with scales and mask

Michael Penn, former Clinton campaign pollster, made the case on The Hill, why Donald Trump did not violate campaign laws. In doing so, he proves a double standard being used by the “justice” (intentionally in quotes) system. One standard, grossly weighted in bias towards guilty, is applied to Donald Trump and conservatives. The other, grossly […]

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The Biggest Bombshell of the Peter Strzok Congressional Hearings- Big Whoops!

By Terry | Deception by Omission , Government conspiracy , Government Deception , Hillary Clinton

The Peter Strzok hearings dragged on for 10 hours. Democrats on the committee were doing everything they could to block, deflect, interrupt the Republican questions. Some stuff that surfaced was too emotionally packed to be of value. Some was just plain, old b.s. and partisan pandering like the Democract Congressman from Tennessee who told Strzok […]

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Senator Gillibrand Shows Democrats Hand While Creating a Falsehood About the Appointment of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch

By Terry | Government Spending , Hillary Clinton , Personal Liberty

If you want to give Gillibrand, a potential Presidential candidate for the Democratic party in 2020, the benefit of the doubt, you could say she was simply misinformed. Despite attempts to bail her out by the CNN moderator, liberal Chris Cuomo, Gillibrand claimed that Justice Gorsuch did not get one Democrat vote. She was wrong, […]

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Judicial Watch Uncovers a Hidden Bombshell in the IG Report Tying Obama to the Investigation

By Terry | Constitutional , Government conspiracy , Government Deception , Hillary Clinton

A critical cloud hanging over the Clinton and Trump investigations which has been given almost no coverage, is the question of just how aware Barack Obama was of what was going on? Was President Obama mixed up in these probes in any way or simply kept out of the loop while they were conducted without […]

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The Liberal Defense of Uranium One- More Factual Denials

By Terry | Deception by Omission , Donald Trump , Hillary Clinton , media deception

Liberal left apologists, upon hearing of Uranium One, are now attempting to cover up this evidence of real Russian collusion involving their most recent Presidential candidate. Their 11 month investigation into Trump and Russia has produced no evidence but they are mighty quick to jump to the aid of the real Russian collusionists- Hillary and […]

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Clinton Uranium One Russian Collusion Gains More Traction

By Terry | Deception by Omission , Government Deception , Hillary Clinton

As the nearly year old, Trump Russian collusion wears thin, more details surface about the Clinton Uranium One Russian collusion. A deal that put $145 Million into the Clinton Foundation while Bill got a $500,000 Speaking Gig in Moscow. Putin and Moscow meanwhile acquired 20% of our domestic uranium reserves. Control which continues into the […]

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