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Senator Gillibrand Shows Democrats Hand While Creating a Falsehood About the Appointment of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch

By Terry | Government Spending

If you want to give Gillibrand, a potential Presidential candidate for the Democratic party in 2020, the benefit of the doubt, you could say she was simply misinformed.

Despite attempts to bail her out by the CNN moderator, liberal Chris Cuomo, Gillibrand claimed that Justice Gorsuch did not get one Democrat vote. She was wrong, of course, since Gorsuch actually got 3 of them- Manchin WV, Donnelly Indiana and Heidi Heitkamp of N. Dakota.

She corrected it only after looking off camera, apparently getting the high sign. then conceding “You might be right, Chris, but I believe this Democratic caucus will stand together.” Then, launching into her Roe v. Wade tirade implying, of course, that unborn children don’t have rights only the expectant mother does. The upshot of this meaning that eliminating an unborn child is not a problem but rather a solution- rather hard-hearted from a sanctity of life perspective but that is another can of worms not to opened here.

Watch the YouTube video selection below from about 2:28 to 4:26 for the what is referred to in this post.

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What do we learn from this?

  • Gillibrand is not a very well informed Senator. She apparently was so blinders on during the vote that she only saw her party’s point of view- resistance at all costs. One would expect a Senator to be more aware of the results of an important vote such as for a Supreme Court Justice wouldn’t one?
  • The Democrats are all about resistance at all costs. They have made up their mind before even considering the qualifications of the candidate. They don’t care about whether or not this person will adhere to their oath of office and uphold the Constitution. All they care about is that Donald Trump will be nominating the replacement which means resistance, no matter what, to them.
  • The Dems are a party without a direction which they are willing to share openly with the public. All they seem to focus on is stopping Donald Trump. In fact, they were operating in resistance before Donald Trump even took office. Some were talking about impeachment before the man had practically done a thing!
  • What Democrats don’t care about is the public or the Constitution. Their focus is on stopping anything that gives the public back some of the freedoms they have lost to politicians or the swamp as Donald put it.

Why Dems Really Hate Trump

The last point lends itself to explaining why they really hate Trump. Not because he is all the things they claim he represents (A process going on even before he was elected.), but because he is making things they don’t want to happen, happen. Things like:

  • Eliminating the free choice eliminating Obama mandate under penalty of law requiring you to have health insurance like it or not. It seems they are like the terrorists, as Bush put it. They hate your freedoms.
  • Eliminating the possibility of appointing a Constitutional Supreme Court Justice thereby raising the possibility to actually implement the government restricting Constitution. You know that thingy which their oath of office requires them to uphold, protect and defend.
  • They don’t think that unborn babies count as people until they are born. This is the same position that atheist evolutionists subscribe to btw. Only matter counts. There is no such thing as an a spirit or soul. Fact is, babies have a full complement of their genetic code at conception, not birth and a heart beat and brain waves after 30 days. Most abortions occur after 30 days.
  • They really don’t care about minority employment. Despite the fact that black and Latino unemployment is the lowest ever recorded and the woman they claim to care about have the  lowest unemployment numbers since 1953 from Trump’s agenda, he is still bad for our nation.
  • They don’t care about inflation and its impact on your spending power. Everything they support means more government spending and more power for them. The fact that Obama was the biggest spender of ANY President EVER by a wide margin, doesn’t count.

What the Dems Really Want

I could go on but really I think what the Dems and their sycophants in the media have in mind for us is what filmaker, author and speaker Dinesh DiSouza outlined in his film Hillary’s America– they want a plantation with us as their slaves. Dinesh’s film reveals the nasty hidden truths about who the real slave owners and Ku Klux Klan were. Hint: None were Republicans.

Ku Klux Clan Gathering

Dems Gathering Before the Local Convention

If you don’t mind living on a plantation- support the Democrats. Personally, I choose freedom over enslavement. Not that I agree with everything, every Republican or Donald Trump does- I flat out don’t.

However, with the Democratic party these days, I see no hope of recovery of our lost freedoms. They would not eliminate any portions of Obamacare. They would not vote for a Constitutional-oriented Supreme Court Justice. Heck, they are more concerned about the freedoms of illegal immigrants than the legal citizens they represent.

Frankly, being freedom from government oriented, I can see no reason to vote for ANY Democrat these days. Feel free to come up with some that have logical common sense. rather then hate driven emotion, behind them. I’m curious.

Meanwhile, get this Justice nominated and through asap just in case there is a “blue wave” during the mid-terms. No sense in taking a chance with the party of the Obama worshiping Marxists is the way I see it.