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How to Let Our Politicians Off the Hook 101

By Terry | American Decline

In response to a story on how Obama blamed Rush Limbaugh and those like him for “gridlock” a reader of the article had this response:

Mr. Limbaugh let me tell Obama something or perhaps you can tell him for me! The problem is NOT you Rush at all. In fact, it is this; your views are the views of a sane person. A person who knows right from wrong, a person who can think, who can reason, who has common horse sense, who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, a person who is absolutely just a normal person who can think! No, Obama, it is not Rush Limbaugh, it is the normal person in this country you have that keeps you from your agenda!

It is just plain wrong for you to go in the direction you wish to take this country. Is it not out of character of this great nation to adopt socialism, Communism, Marxism, liberalism and perhaps even Sharia law which you don’t see bothered about at all? Yes, Obama, you are to blame and not Rush Limbaugh. You just have a problem admitting you are wrong and you know absolutely NOTHING about what this great nation is about. You are an empty suit who got in somehow to our political system and have corrupted it to the core!

What you would do well doing, would be RESIGN while you still have some chance of having any dignity and character left, that is if it is there! God help you see this awful state of affairs you have brought upon this great nation.

Stop blaming Rush, Republicans and Conservatives. IT IS YOU SIR and you alone!

Sorry, but I find it a bit disingenuous to blame Obama for all of our ills. Our system has been corrupted for quite some time. Obama is simply a continuation of the existing corruption that preceded him.

To me, blaming one man for everything that has happened is completely absurd and divorced from reality!

The fact is that our House of Representatives can block all spending. Yes ALL, including overriding a Presidential veto!

Have you noted any opposition to Obama’s policies lately that has stopped the most major changes? The spending and our global wars go on and on without reduction in spending. Why?

We have a debt that is fast approaching $17 Trillion with sequester cuts amounting to 2.38% of the debt. This does almost nothing to arrest spending.

Obama is not a cause in and of himself. He is simply a symptom. A puppet put into a system that began to corrupt in 1913 with the advent of the Federal Reserve, the income tax and the direct election of Senators (17th amendment if I recall correctly which undermines State representation and States interests).

The Whole System (And We the People Elect and Re-elect Them!)

The whole system on both sides of the aisle is and has been corrupt. Obama, while highly detestable to a freedom loving American, does not operate without a great deal of help from the politicians who are given a free ride when all of the blame is placed on the shoulders of one man.

The actual fact is that the entire system is corrupt to the core! It has been for some time now.

Obama did not single-handedly create our debt. He stepped into over $10 Trillion of it to start out with. Who created that but his predecessors. Since he has taken office, he has had only token opposition (amounting to grand standing for the awakening constituents) to his major spending proposals. There has certainly not been enough to stop any of them.

No, if you want to place blame, look to the forces behind the Federal Reserve for the real controllers. And then their paid by the public enablers our so called elected representatives. All of them!

But most of all, each of us has to look to him or her self. We as a whole abdicate our responsibility to authority and give these politicians far too much power and control oPogo_Earth_Day_1971_posterver our lives. Read my post on the most dangerous superstition. It applies to this kind of thinking. As the comic strip Pogo stated in 1971 on Earth Day, “We have met the enemy and he is us.

Get busy resisting the coming tyranny please. We are all in this together like it or not.

Read Creature from Jekyll Island or Shadows of Power for some eye opening facts about who really controls our nation and economy. It ain’t Obama or the politicians. They are simply hired hands to do someone else’s dirty work. Find out who that someone else is and stop blaming the puppets we unconsciously elect and re-elect time and time again.