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Le Mis- The Hidden Back Story – Part 2

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

Beginnings of the French Revolution


Adam Weishaupt
1748 – 1830

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”geneva” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]A[/dropcap]dam Weishaupt, a Jesuit taught professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt, founded a secret society called the Illuminati in Bavaria in 1776. This was the same year that the American War for Independence (or Revolution as is the common reference these days) began. It is really not necessary to go into the history of the Illuminati because you can google the term and get plenty of links or start here (Illuminati History) and work your way through. Trust me on this. It is real and it was secret, but then things with evil intent do not operate in the open and as we shall see, the Illuminati were evil. Weishaupt was eventually arrested and prosecuted by the Bavarian government (now part of Germany) and banished in 1783. The story of the Illuminati does not end there however. Like many conspiracies, driven by a utopian goal and hunger for control, it simply changed course and took other routes to continue its growth and grow it did.

The intended purpose of the Order was to bring universal happiness to the human race by promoting world brotherhood and equality. (At least that was the claim- Liberte, Fraternite, and Egalite anyone?) The true purpose of the order as it turns out was to rule the world. To achieve this goal, the Order set out to destroy all religion, overthrow all governments and abolish all social order and private property. (Now, if you are getting the connection to the Communist Manifesto here, you are thinking logically and connecting historical dots.)

Anyway after the Bavarian Court banished Weishaupt, he simply went underground and emerged as a network of Reading Societies throughout Germany which had the goal of monopolizing the writing, publication, reviewing and distribution of all literature, as a means of controlling the minds of the readers. They were pretty successful in accomplishing this goal.

All Seeing Eye

Novus Ordo Seclorum or
A New Order of the Ages

A brief but important diversion here if you don’t mind. The symbol of the Illuminati was an all seeing eye over a pyramid which has also become a Masonic symbol as well. (The Illuminati infiltrated the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodges as part of Weishaupt’s expansion plans.) The all-seeing eye is the eye of Horus, the Egyptian Sun God which in actuality is a reference to Lucifer, the light bearer, aka Satan. If you never noticed this symbol before, you obviously missed the Lord of Rings Trilogy. You can however see it on the U.S. dollar bill.

You know, they say the best place to hide something is in plain sight. The Great Seal was presented by Charles Thompson in 1782 who was not a Mason like George Washington and Ben Franklin nor a member of the Illuminati to my knowledge. Nevertheless, it is quite odd that he would have chosen a symbol that so closely resembled the Illuminati’s. The Great Seal was not placed on the dollar bill until 1935 which was after Roosevelt suspended gold redemption. At that time, the Federal Reserve Note fully replaced a gold certificate as a fiat currency. (Fiat means by decree which means the currency is irredeemable. It is backed only by a promise to pay but not redeemable in gold. We did still have silver certificates which disappeared in 1971 under Nixon. Inflation has proceeded steadily upwards ever since. All completely fiat currencies will do that as the fiat Euro is doing in Europe now, as well as other fiat currencies around the globe.)

Anyway, what the hoo does this have to do with the French Revolution, you may ask? Well, I’m getting there and skipping over a lot in the process.

After firmly establishing themselves in Germany, the leaders of the Illuminati cast their “all seeing eye” on a fertile target to begin their work towards the overthrow of  all existing governments and establish their Novus Ordo Seclorum. At that time (1789) France was the richest and most populous nation in Europe. It was in France that the “great experiment in Democracy began”. The battle cry was “Liberte, egalite et fraternite”. The vehicle was Democratic Socialism.

That the French Revolution was a model for Socialist revolution was expressed by the anarchist Prince Kropotkin in 1908:

 “What we learn today from the study of the Great Revolution….is that it was the source of all the present communist, anarchist and socialist conceptions….up till now, modern socialism has added absolutely nothing to the ideas that were circulating among the French people between 1789 and 1794…..Modern Socialism has only systematized those ideas and found arguments in their favor.”

Yes, the French Revolution certainly was a fertile source for communist, anarchist and socialist conceptions.

And when carried to their conclusion, these conceptions necessitated the installation of drainage systems to carry away the torrents of blood that flowed from the French guillotines. BTW, those same utopian ideals have generated the murder of well over 100 million human beings during the 20th century under utopian Communist oriented governments

See the following link for Professor R.J. Rummel’s estimates in Death by Government. Rummel refers to it as democide or death by government.

With the above in mind, let’s look at one of the key conspirators in the French Revolution drama in Part 3.