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Le Mis- The Hidden Back Story- Part 6

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”geneva” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]I[/dropcap]n the march on Versailles, the same pattern was used as was used before. First, create a crisis, then on the pretense of solving the crisis, lead the people to take action with a hard core of revolutionaries. (Pay attention the same tactics are being employed today with some modern technology and media thrown in for modernity.)

The pretense for the march was the aforementioned grain shortage caused by the Duke of Orleans buying up the available grain and withholding it from the people. The people of Paris were then told that the King and Queen were responsible for the shortage and they must march on the King’s residence to get their bread.

Of course, apart from the actually hungry, were the Marseilles or hired thugs from the South. The woman were placed in the front to prevent the soldiers from using arms. Some dudes were in there as well dressed as woman. (Not the “Hogs” of the Cleveland Browns however.)

Two events prevented the overthrow of the Monarchy on this occasion. One was the bravery of the King who faced the mob and offered the give the bread in Versailles to feed the hungry. The other was the arrival of Lafayette who put down the insurrection. Lafayette had joined the Illuminati BTW but his eyes were opened to the Orleaniste conspiracy after this event which ended up exposing the Duke of Orleans and having him exiled. Unfortunately, this did not put an end to his role in the Revolution.

After a break of nearly 3 years, the 3rd great event of the Revolution happened. By then the Jacobin clubs had a good stronghold in France. The siege of the Tuileries on August 10, 1792 was the next event. The rumor was spread that 15,000 aristocrats were ready to massacre all of the patriots. The people were then directed to storm the King’s residence to prevent this massacre.

The King had ordered the guards not to fire when the mob invaded as in Versailles. The mob went into a rampage of destruction. Everything in their path was an object of spoliation or pillage. Thousands of bottles of wine were grabbed from the wine cellars and a drunken orgy followed.

Disarming of the Nobilityin the Tuileries 2-28-1791

Disarming of the Nobility
in the Tuileries 2-28-1791

The Swiss guards who remained at their posts were barbarously butchered, including the wounded who lay helpless on the floor. The horde tracked down their victims from the deepest cellars to the highest attacks. All were put to death.

Assault on a Nobleat the Tuileries

Assault on a Noble
at the Tuileries

People danced amid torrents of wine and blood. One man played the violin beside corpses as dead bodies were mutilated. Fires were kindled in the apartments and “cutlets of Swiss” were grilled and eaten in cannibal orgies. It was not an organized affair, nor humane. (Reminds me of the capture of Gaddafi perhaps.)

The power of the conspiracy behind the Revolution was gaining in force. A force that would sweep away Kings, nobles and clergy and eventually the leaders of the Revolution as well. We are leading up to Le Mis after all.The French Revolution and the march to anarchy, chaos and blood continues in Le Mis- The Hidden Back Story- Part 7