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Could This Be the “Russian” Who Leaked the DNC Emails?

By Terry | Donald Trump


Trump wins the election and its nothing but whining, disruption and attack by the leftist media and friends- and the guy hasn’t even taken office.

Seems to me like the Democrats and the left just cannot accept nor grasp just why it is that they lost. Perhaps they just don’t want to because then they would have to accept the fact that their model of reality is not really even worth embracing.

With the track record of tyranny and death associated with leftist idyllic dreams applied to reality I can understand why.

They have left nothing but destruction in their wake with the “workers of the world” living under a police state of tyrannical control and impoverishment with a privileged handful truly enjoying the benefits of a life of comfort. Most of the rest end up straining to make a life not even reaching an acceptable middle class standard of living.

To me the whole “Russia done it” thing is simply a way for leftists like Obama to save face. A means of avoiding the embarrassing fact that the people rejected him, his dreams and most of all his actions.

What About Them There Russians Though?

WikiLeaks Julian Assange was interviewed by Sean Hannity of Fox in December on his radio show. He affirmed that Russian did not provide WikiLeaks their information.

The left will attack this as well of course. Anything that doesn’t fit their litany of excuse narratives has to be questionable and false in their skewed reality.

Mysterious Death

Well then, if the Russians didn’t leak the DNC emails then who did? Perhaps there are some answers to that question.

Of course, the media and the left will reject anything but the Russians. However, what thinking person really cares what they think? If you look more carefully into the assassinations of JFK, RFK and even MLK, you begin to see that our leftist media has been misleading the public with red herrings for decades anyway.

On July 10, 2016 at approximately 4:19 a.m. according to the DC police report 27 year old Seth Conrad Rich was shot and later died that same night in Northwest DC.

Who Was Seth Rich?

Seth Conrad Rich of the DNC

Seth Rich was a DNC staffer originally from Nebraska who came to DC to get involved in politics. He didn’t have a lot of enemies. The police have no suspects or even an established motive.  Although they are investigating it as a robbery, his wallet was still on his body and nothing was noticeably missing.

Although he was known to be drinking that night and possibly intoxicated, Seth was shot multiple times in the back according to the police report. Why shoot a potential robbery victim, possibly a drunk one, in the back and not take anything? Sounds more like an ambush and not a very convincing robbery to say the least.

The media and police claim there was a spike in robberies in the area. However, crime in DC is not exactly a rarity. What they call a spike could likely be a normal set of circumstances. Three armed young men were arrested a few nights later. However, none of the spiked robberies involved deaths.

According to the Daily Mail, the modus operandi of the robberies was for the robbers to approach brandishing a weapon, take the victims cell phone and wallet and then vanish, not shoot them in the back and take nothing.

A Potential Clue to the Real Motive?

The odd thing about this death is that in addition to the $25,000 reward from the DC police, WikiLeaks is offering an additional $20,000.

Now, this peaks my curiosity. Why would WikiLeaks have any interest in this at all? Shootings and deaths occur often, even in DC. Why this particular death?

There are some who speculate that Seth Rich may have been the source of the Podesta and other email leaks from the DNC.

If this were the case, perhaps the real motivation for the shooting was not robbery but, in fact, payback and an active discontinuation of a potential future source for information the public is not supposed to know. As with assassinations from our past, the public will very likely never know for sure. One can only speculate.

Intelligence Agencies Refuse House Questioning

Meanwhile, the evidence of the Russian hacking is so weak that even the Intelligence agencies refused to appear in front of the House Intelligence Committee (called by Chair Devin Nunes, a California Republican) for questioning and called it off on December 14th. Not a very convincing endorsement of the Obama and lefts narratives it would seem.

Nunes wanted clarification as to why the CIA who earlier claimed there was insufficient evidence of Russian involvement is now indicating otherwise. The CIA and other agencies backed off after they originally agreed to meet.

Not a strong indication that they actually have tangible evidence to support their claims.

Worse Than the Sour Grapes Fox Even

When the fox couldn’t reach the grapes in Aesop’s fable, he simply left and said they were probably sour anyway. Even the fox however, didn’t throw a tantrum. He just left.

We put up with 8 years of additional undermining of our Constitution; a doubling of the national debt (which will likely exceed $20 Trillion before Obama leaves office); Marxist medical care imposition; land grabs involving murder and much, much more.

Were there riots and active demonstrations accompanied by blanket media coverage? No!

Get Over It- Leftists

We, the citizens, are in danger here of replicating what is going on today in Venezuela with the debt crisis caused by our deficit spending “leaders” and the debt based currency system that drives it.  Which is to say massive civil unrest, poverty and currency devaluation leading to a collapse of the economic set up.

Venezuela’s currency has begun to show signs of collapse big time. The nation is in danger of social chaotic collapse thanks to the Marxist ideals of Chavez which led to overreach of government and big time debt, as well as idyllic and foolish economic decisions.

Sound familiar? Wake up. That is where your leftist idyllic dreams lead. Most of you, in fact, will suffer along with the rest of us despite your fantasies of equality.

Time to Move On

Hillary Lost- Period. We could not afford more Obama- Period. Despite your avalanche of media bias; massive money spent and quite likely vote manipulation- the woman lost.

She was not in touch with the public at large. She represented her and her handlers interests, NOT the citizens.

The people figured that out. Despite the media onslaught of support and even Obama and friends campaigning for her along with the leftist celebrity shills- she lost!

Move on! There is enough danger ahead for ALL of us regardless of political convictions. We need to focus on that.

Personally, while I am glad Hillary did not get in, I am still concerned about our future. It’s time to wake up to where your fantasies actually lead. Grow up and help instead of being useful idiots of the left.

The problem is minds that have become quite narrow are not very good at change nor recognition of fact based realities over idyllic fantasies that have never worked in reality anywhere.

At least that much has become clear based on the real evidence of real life anyway. Some people still live there you know.