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Twitter De-Platforms Conservatives and Patriots – Yet Still Allows Terrorist Accounts – 16 House Republicans Send Them a Letter

By Terry | Cultural Marxism

Big Tech Censorship

While Twitter and other Big Techs de-platform Conservatives and Patriots – they continue to allow accounts and platforms that promote terrorism.

Members of Congress petitioned Twitter on Wednesday to ban accounts linked to several foreign terrorist groups, including the Palestinian Hamas organization, according to a letter sent to the social networking site.

In a letter sent by 16 Republican members of the House of Representatives on June 11, 2019 to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the Congressional members urged Dorsey to remove “all content promoting terrorist activity,”

This would include banning:

senior Hamas officials and associates from Twitter who radicalize individuals to incite violence against Israelis.

Letter to Congress 6/11/19

Twitter – Terrorist Platform of Choice

As it turns out, Twitter is the leading platform for militant groups.

Twitter Bird
Twitter Censorship

Some lawmakers argue that Twitter is providing material support to these terrorist groups by allowing them a platform which is prohibited under Federal law.

Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS have all used Twitter to:

  • Promote violent radicalism
  • Recruit members
  • Praise “martyrs” who kill innocent Americans and Israelis.

Conservatives Take a Beating

Meanwhile, conservatives and patriots take a beating on Twitter (and other Big Tech platforms like Facebook and even Pintrest now) for criticizing radical Muslims, promoting nationally based patriotism or even taking an anti-Vaccine stance or other generally conservative related issues.

That is to say, positions which oppose big government or Corporate control (like Big Pharma) over the lives of individuals, threaten their personal freedoms (like rampant illegal immigration) or are unfavorable towards preferred religions like Islam- despite their terrorist proclivities.

Outspoken activists like InfoWars Alex Jones, Natural News Mike Adams and others are banned for life while many others have been shadow-banned (traffic stifled in the background) or banned for periods of time.

Creating Their Own Competition

Meanwhile as these Big Tech platforms exploit their monopolies, alternative platforms are beginning to blossom.

Gab is kind of a Twitter-like platform that allows freedom of expression (which sometimes annoyingly cuts both ways- a price you pay for freedom of expression) and far more characters to boot.

Another alternative that is gaining steam is MeWe which is a Facebook alternative emphasizing freedom of speech with an emphasis on permission based civility. Nice alternative to the garbage people post on Facebook that sometimes assaults one’s moral sensibilities.

List of Letter Signers

The 16 Republican members of the House are as follows:

  • Andy Biggs – AZ – 5th District
  • Ted Budd – NC – 13th District
  • Liz Cheney – WY (Sole House member for WY)
  • Scott DesJarlais – TN – 4TH District
  • Louis Gohmert – TX – 1st District
  • Bill Johnson – Ohio – 6th District
  • David Kustoff – TN – 8th District
  • Doug LaMalfa – CA – 1st District
  • Doug Lamborn – Colo – 5th District
  • Mark Meadows – NC – 11th District
  • Scott Perry – PA – 4th District
  • John Ratcliffe – TX – 4th District
  • Francis Rooney – FL – 19th District
  • Randy Weber – TX – 14th District
  • Joe Wilson – SC – 2nd District
  • Lee Zeldin – NY – 1st District

Here is a link to page from which you can contact them if you wish to express your support for their action. Click on their name to be taken to their government web page with contact options.