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Jan 01

2014- The Year to Come In Pictures

By Terry | economic decline , National Debt , Obamacare , Personal Liberty , Socialism , The Constitution

Pics Gathered to Muse Upon for 2014 Snapshot of America 2014 How Times and Deceptive Images Change Give Me Liberty or……….? (Actually That Would Be $17.2 Trillion Now!) “Happiness is a Warm Socialist’ – B. Obama The Theory of Evolution? The Obama Economic Team Obamacare Begins in Earnest Why We Really Need Taxes (Hint: It’s […]

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Nov 16

More Signs of Decline as Illegal Immigrants Line Up for More Freebies in New Jersey

By Terry | American Decline , economic decline , individualism , National Debt , Personal Liberty

Ancient empires like Rome and Greece fell into decline when certain factors grew. One of those factors, overlooked in our current day of course, was the growth of the welfare state. Fact is, when special classes are rewarded without work with special privileges the social fabric of the state or nation declines. Theft of the […]

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Sep 15

Oklahoma City Bombing – Precursor to 9/11?

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts , Deception by Omission , Government conspiracy , media deception , Personal Liberty

I never really watched anything on the Oklahoma City bombing before. However, after seeing this documentary offered for sale, I searched for it and found it on YouTube. [vsw id=”x6NfZa4daO4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]  This documentary called Oklahoma City – A Noble Lie was made in 1995 right after the Murrah Building bombing which occurred […]

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Jul 31

NSA Surveillance Turn About – Camera’s on Police Drop Abuse Complaints by 88% in 12 month Study

By Terry | Bill of Rights , Personal Liberty , Personal Privacy , Police Brutality

By now, most of us are aware that the NSA is watching us. This gives, those who claim Federal authority over us high access access to our private lives irregardless of our 4th amendment right of privacy. However, it also begs another question, just who is watching them? Well, now that appears like it might […]

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Jul 23

Alexei Navalny Sentencing Shows the True Face of Putin’s Communist Regime

By Terry | collectivism , Communism today , Personal Liberty

Alexei Navalny is a lawyer and anti-corruption blogger who used social media to organize large demonstrations against Putin’s government in 2011. The Russian government brought embezzlement charges against Navalny earlier this year. Navalny’s supporters say the charges against him were created in an effort to derail his political career. Until his conviction, on July 18, […]

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Jul 14

This is What Happens When We Let Obama Get Away with Creating Laws at the Stroke of a Pen

By Terry | American Decline , Bill of Rights , collectivism , Constitutional , individualism , natural law , Personal Liberty , The Constitution

As I noted in my last post, Obama has no Constitutional authority to create laws at the stroke of a pen with his so-called “executive” orders. He has NO such authority granted to him under our rule of law, the document he took an oath to uphold and defend. If we let the executive undermine […]

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Jul 12

Obama Signs Executive Order Creating “Kill Switch” for Government Over the Internet. Does He Have the Authority?

By Terry | Bill of Rights , Constitutional , individualism , Personal Liberty , Personal Privacy , The Constitution

he headline on C/Net reads: Obama Signs Order Outline Emergency Internet Control [ on July 6th ] with the subheading: A new executive order addresses how the country deals with the Internet during natural disasters and security emergencies, but it also puts a lot of power in the government’s hands. The article is concerned that […]

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