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Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood – Abortion and Black Genocide

By Terry | Abortion

OK, does this woman have any pride? Really, Planned Parenthood? If you know anything about the largest abortion provider in the world, this speaks volumes about Hillary’s morality. This is the what Planned Parenthood had to say in their endorsement about Hillary.

Planned Parenthood will make unprecedented primary endorsement of Hillary Clinton
Washington Post- 1/7/16

PASADENA, CALIF. — The political arm of Planned Parenthood will endorse Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Sunday, a Clinton campaign official confirmed.

The endorsement marks the first time in the organization’s 100-year history that Planned Parenthood Action Fund has endorsed a candidate in a primary. The endorsement was first reported by

You Sure of That?

You Sure of That?

CBS News.

“Let’s be clear — reproductive rights and health are on the ballot in 2016,” said Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. “We’re proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

No other candidate in our nation’s history has demonstrated such a strong commitment to women or such a clear record on behalf of women’s health and rights,” she added. “This is about so much more than Planned Parenthood. Health care for an entire generation is at stake.”

Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s leading providers of abortions and reproductive health services. Its early endorsement of Clinton will effectively mobilize supporters – and millions of dollars – nationwide for her candidacy.


Ok, I admit to being ProLife. Actually got me a son when I put my foot down after my ex brought up her intent to have an abortion when she was pregnant with our 4th. Rocky time in the marriage but still could not get myself to endorse killing a potential child. Glad I didn’t and so is my ex and her mother who was supporting the move. Guess who the apple of Grandmom’s eye is today? Had my son been aborted, she would have lost a really good friend to her now.

Anyway, I think abortion is murder. It’s not as dramatic as stabbing or shooting someone but has essentially the same effect. It terminates a life. Yeah, I know, some people shouldn’t have kids. Inconvenience for woman. Bad timing. Out of wedlock. It’s only a fetus and more.

First of all, fetus is a word used to pretty up the facts, make things appear scientific and depersonalize the actuality of the event.

It is a little baby person in that womb. The genetic makeup is present at conception which is the essence of the person who emerges.

After 30 days, the baby has a heartbeat and brain waves. Doesn’t a heartbeat and brain waves constitute a living person? Most abortions occur after at least 30 days btw.

So in my mind how can Hillary be so proud to have them endorse her to get their blood money? Kind of tells you a bit about the moral character of Hillary in my book.

Let’s forget about her for a minute (or lifetime might be better) however and take a closer look at Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s Historical Roots

The International Committee on Planned Parenthood began in 1946, eventually morphing into the Planned Parenthood we know today. Actually though, it proudly traces its roots back to 1916 when its founder Margaret Sanger opened the nation’s first birth-control clinic in Brooklyn, NY.

Margaret’s Formative Beginnings

The following is excerpted from the article Planned Parenthood, Past and Present, The New American, 11-23-15:

“Born Margaret Higgins in 1879 in Corning, New York, to parents of Irish decent, Sanger was the sixth of 11 children. Despite the closeness of her family and the fond memories they built together, Sanger developed a very dreary perspective of large families.

In her autobiography, Pioneering Advocate for Birth Control, Sanger wrote of the struggles her family and the others around her endured. Growing up, she found herslef relating these hardships to large families and happiness to small ones. “Large families were associated with poverty, toil, unemployment, drunkenness, cruelty, fighting, jails; the small ones with cleanliness, leisure, freedom, light, space, sunshine,” she remembered. This limited perspective gained in childhood, instead of expanding with adulthood to view life in all its truths and complexities, remained small and biased and grew the germs that only the stagnant mind-set can offer.”

Margaret Sanger_Waldorf_1961

Margaret Sanger Before 1961 Talk at the Waldorf Astoria

She began working as a nurse in 1900 at White Plains Hospital in New York. She developed more negative feelings about large families from the pain and suffering she witnessed in birthing.

In 1902, she married William Sanger, an architect and socialist. It placed her in a hot bed of the radicals of the era. She wrote, “Our living room became a gathering place where liberals, anarchists, Socialists, and I.WW.’s [Industrial Workers of the World] could meet.” She writes, “My own personal feelings drew me towards the individualist , anarchist philosophy….but it seemed to me necessary to approach the ideal by way of Socialism.”

Her part in the movement, in her mind, was to rid the world of what she considered “the most immoral practice of the day,” according to her manifesto “Woman and the New Race”. This she felt was the “breeding” of too many children. “The immorality of large families lies not only in their injury to the members of these families, but in their injury to society” linking large families to oppressed labor, prostitution and even war.

To England and Back

Sanger began a magazine in 1914, The Woman Rebel which led to an indictment for indecency. She abandoned her 3 children and fled to England to escape conviction. Met Havelock Ellis who wrote the first book on homosexuality, Sexual Inversion. Banned as indecent by the British government, Sanger found it clarifying and set sex “on a higher plane”.

She eventually returned home in 1915 and illegally opened the first birth control clinic in 1916 in Brownsville, the poor section of Brooklyn. The clinic was shut down in 9 days. Got her 30 days in prison and a ton of publicity.

American Birth Control League and Rockefeller

In 1921 Sanger started the American Birth Control League. Two years later, in 1923, she started the first legal birth control clinic, the Clinical Research Bureau. A large portion of the funding for this clinic came from John D. Rockefeller, Jr. who continued to support other Sanger causes. Rockefeller was a strong supporter of population control and the eugenic movement.

Sanger’s Rationalization

Sanger began with limiting the number of children but added the prevention of children based on their worth and race. She claimed that, “birth control itself often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives.”

With regards to race in Woman, Morality and Birth Control she wrote, “Birth control must ultimately lead to a cleaner race.”

Racism Surfaces in Full Bloom

In the winter of 1939, Sanger wrote a letter to Clarence Gamble, president of the American Eugenics Research Foundation (also grandson of James Gamble, co-founder of Procter & Gamble). She was concerned that the Negro population was catching on to her plan to “exterminate” them:

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Roman Catholic Opposition

In 1940, Sanger was visiting 11 cities in Massachusetts during a 5 day speaking tour to promote support for amending State laws regarding birth control and finding little resistance until she visited the predominately Catholic city of Holyoke. This hearkened her back to her resistance from Catholics in the 1920’s.

Archbishop Patrick Hayes of New York successfully canceled the lst meeting of the First National Birth Control Conference, “for the benefit of the morals and health of the community” His Christmas pastoral letter stated:

“Even though some little angels in the flesh through moral, mental and physical deformity of parent may appear to human eyes hideous, misshapen, a blot on civilized society, we must not lose sight of this Christian thought that under and within such visible malformation there lives an immortal soul to be saved and glorified for all eternity among the blessed in Heaven.”

Sanger thought the Archbishops view to be “a monstrous doctrine and one abhorrent to every civilized instinct” that the mentally and physically handicapped should continue to be born. She wrote that one must either submit to church control or birth control, independence of “submit to the dictatorship of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.”

Planned Parenthood Emerges with New Agenda

Sanger’s mission has been morphed from its original mission of prevention of life into termination of life. Woman are counseled and assured that the most responsible decision they can make, for themselves and the whole of society, is abortion.

Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood, had an abortion scare resulting in excessive bleeding while taking a medication abortion on the advice of her own clinic. When she called the clinic the next morning thinking her symptoms were abnormal, she was told they were not. She would continue with the symptoms for another 8 weeks.

When she asked about why woman weren’t told about this, her supervisor replied, “Well, we don’t want to scare them.

After holding a director’s position at her Southeast Texas clinic, Johnson was told to perform more abortions to increase profits. She now claims, “Here’s the truth…Planned Parenthood is not worried about woman being scared…Planned Parenthood is scared. They are scared woman will walk out the door if they get accurate and thorough information. Every woman that walks out is lost revenue…That is Planned Parenthood’s biggest fear.”

Planned Parenthood is now the nation’s largest abortion provider. In 2013 it received $528.4 million in taxpayer funds (41% of their funds) and performed 327, 653 abortions.

Hillary and Planned Parenthood

Hillary has been a big cheerleader for Planned Parenthood over the years. In 2009, Hillary received their biggest award, appropriately named — the Margaret Sanger Award. During the March 27, 2009 speech Clinton praised Margaret:

“Now, I have to tell you that it was a great privilege when I was told that I would receive this award. I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision. Another of my great friends, Ellen Chesler, is here, who wrote a magnificent biography of Margaret Sanger called Woman of Valor. And when I think about what she did all those years ago in Brooklyn, taking on archetypes, taking on attitudes and accusations flowing from all directions, I am really in awe of her.

And there are a lot of lessons that we can learn from her life and from the cause she launched and fought for and sacrificed so greatly. One in particular, though, has always stood out for me almost a hundred years later. It’s the lesson that women’s empowerment is always, always about more than bettering the lives of individual women. It is part of a movement. It’s about economic and political progress for all women and girls. It’s about making sure that every woman and girl everywhere has the opportunities that she deserves to fulfill her potential, a potential as a mother, as a worker, as a human being.”

How, the invasive ripping apart of unborn babies from the wombs of young woman can be posed as “bettering the lives of individual women” is beyond me. Abortions leave scars, emotionally and physically as well. Tells a bit about Hillary’s character though, heaping praise on the woman who led to the selling of baby parts and abortion numbers in a single year 6 times greater than the entire Vietnam conflict!

BTW, the winner of the 2014 Margaret Sanger award was Nancy Pelosi.

Black Genocide? Maafa 21 Makes the Case

Planned Parenthood, in addition to selling baby parts as was recently disclosed, also carries on the Sanger tradition of racism. In 2011, 37% of all abortions were performed on African-American woman who only represented 12.8% of the population. That’s about 3 times higher than it should be based on their percentage of the population. (Some would conclude that it would be 100% higher BTW if they considered all abortion as murder.)

Maafa 21 which documents the impact of Margaret Sanger on the black and minority populations. Begins way back with Darwin and presents a good overview of Sanger and the development of Planned Parenthood. Concentrates on the racial genocide aspect of Sanger and Planned Parenthood. Well worth your time:

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