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Why Has AG Barr Become the Target of the Dems and Their Media Support Team?

By Terry | Donald Trump

The Russia Hoax

The Mueller probe, after over $25 million and a month short of two years, finally ended. The findings, like 3 other previous investigations, found no collusion and no obstruction. There was obviously not enough evidence with substance to levy a single charge against Donald Trump, his campaign or as the report made clear- any American.

This didn’t sit well with the Dems who have promptly turned on Mueller whose findings they swore to stand by. Now, Mueller has become a persona non grata who didn’t do his job and whom they wish to grill and likely slander to discredit.

Deck Heavily Stacked Against Trump

Fact is, the deck was stacked against Donald Trump from the start in the Mueller probe.

Comey leaked confidential information after he was fired by President Trump that he intentionally stated was to initiate an investigation against the Donald Trump campaign and most specifically Donald Trump.

Mueller, allegedly a Republican, selected 19 Democrats none of whom were pro-Trump, all of whose feet were strongly planted in Hillary Clinton’s camp.

All matters non-related to Donald Trump, despite growing evidence to support it, were completely ignored.

People even mildly associated with the Trump campaign were indicted- even if none of the U.S. citizens indicted were charged with anything related to Russian collusion. Some, like Paul Manafort, were indicted on charges that preceded Obama, let alone Donald Trump.

Over a dozen Russians were charged, none of whom would ever appear in the U.S. which Mueller quite likely already knew. It just added to the media and Democrat conspiracy cheerleaders ammunition for its faux collusion claims (which some believe was the purpose of the last 200 pages of the Mueller report btw).

The media attack dog support team and Democrat politicians led a non-stop attack against Donald Trump for over 2 and a half years, accusing him of treason and collusion nearly daily.

Yet with this heavily stacked deck, 4 investigations (Senate and House Reports, IG Report and now the Mueller Report) all failed to find a shred of chargeable evidence that would support a single indictment (which I personally expected would happen from the very beginning of this wasteful fraud).

A New Target

So, now the Democrats and media are frantically lining up their sites on Attorney General Bill Barr. Picking out his letter, even though they have the lightly redacted full report in hand and access to an even more lightly redacted report.

Why the selected focus on Barr now one may ask? Of all the information they have access to they myopically focus on his letter which means nothing now in light of the fact that they have the full report in hand.

As noted in the video below Senator Mazie Hirono leveled nothing more than an ad hominem attack against William Barr below which was masked as questioning.

Items of Note in Hirono’s “Questioning”
  • Hirono was completely scripted. She read the prepared statement for a full 5 minutes before she asked a single question. Then, asked only a few more- all of which she read.
  • Obviously, this hit piece was prepared in advance for Hirono by other people (note how she stumbles through the reading at parts)
  • It was nothing more than a tactic designed to slander and discredit AG Barr which Hirono was chosen to deliver.
  • Barr impassively listened at this rambling barrage which made one disparaging characterization after another with nothing more than opinion behind it. (Same tactics used on Brett Kavanaugh btw.)
  • When Chairman Lindsay Graham finally broke in and summarized Hirono’s attack rant as a slander, she laughably replies, “I did not slander anyone.”
Sen. Mazie Hirono to Barr: “You knew you lied,”

Perhaps it is Mazie who is the one lying here:

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Why Has Barr Became a Target?

The tactics being used by the Democrat Senators and media are highly recognizable. We witnessed obstructionist tactics against Brett Kavanaugh when he appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, so we already know how these Dems do their work:

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Why are they now rolling out obstructionism and slander against Barr whom they previously endorsed?

Could it have something to do with the fact that AG Barr has promised to investigate the investigators because he thinks spying (which he defined already in a previous hearing as “unauthorized surveillance“) took place against the Donald Trump campaign?

What is more, he wants to find out the specifics behind just how that arose and who exactly was involved.

This means that the origin of the Russian Dossier, which we know was generated by funds from the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign – through Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS and Richard Steele, former British MI6 agent – who channeled Russian FSB information from Russian intelligence agents comes into full public view.

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This means an investigation which could lead all the way up to the Obama White House clipping Hillary, Comey, Rod Rosenstein and a myriad of other Democrats along the way.

With over 2 full years of constant media barrage, Democrat generated attacks, and implications leading right back to their party leadership there is a lot to protect. Dems are scrambling for some way to stop this- now!

The conspiracy panderers in the media and political sphere stand to lose big– something they can not afford as the Trump agenda grows more popular and successful with 50 year lows in unemployment and successful employment growth among minority groups like blacks, Hispanics and woman.

Plus, there is a lot of public credibility to be lost particularly with a 2020 election looming particularly important to Democrats who desperately want all power and control back as Donald Trump steadily erodes the Marxist building blocks they set up under Obama.

The Dems are desperately attempting to discredit Barr and perhaps even force him to resign. If they can swing that, then they can bleed the new appointment out for quite some time- something they are running out of.

Investigation Ramping Up

Donald Trump has promised to declassify the FISA applications and a host of other documents Republican investigators have been requesting for two years soon. Something Dems cannot afford to abide, as the saying goes.

Barr is already moving ahead with the investigation. The other shoe is dropping quickly.

Dems are running scared here because this will reveal to the public the con game they have been playing with their leftstream media support for over 2 years.

Desperation is growing as Dems pull out all stops to turn public opinion against Barr– if not force him to resign.

They will not succeed.

Barr is a tested veteran of the political wars. As Al Pacino said in Scent of a Woman he’s “been around, ya know!”

Finally, after literally years of lies and abuse of the public trust, it appears the worm has turned.

What does the end of the Mueller investigation mean for the Democrats and their collusion agents in the intelligence community?

As Cypher said to Neo in The Matrix:

It means buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye.

This should prove more interesting than 2 years of Russia, Russia, Russia for sure. Less repetitive and far more honest.

May real justice take place for a change- if that is even possible in the “swamp” – a questionable assumption.