More Facts About the Illuminati- Their Discovery and How They Resurfaced as the German Union

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

Jun 14

The Illuminati, found by Jesuit and professor Adam Weishaupt, were ultimately discovered and banned. However, they resurfaced as the German Union, a reading society which shared literature and subscriptions with its members. (Publishing content was much more costly then it is today.) They eventually grew to 400 clubs all over Germany.

This control of publishing distribution also gave them control over the content allowing them to promote their authors and philosophy. It was this control which eventually allowed them to promote two of their primary tools socialism and racism. Ultimately this led to the embrace of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis- a socialist racist driven group.

In the video below, Art Thompson of JBS, also discusses their goals as the real story of the Illuminati continues with Episode 3 of Myths vs. Facts:


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