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Le Mis- The Hidden Back Story – Part 8

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”geneva” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]A[/dropcap]lthough many Priests were murdered in the Marat inspired massacres of September 1792, the real work of attacking the Church in France did not begin until November 6, 1793. The signal for the desecration of churches  and imprisonment of priests began when the Bishop of Paris Jean Baptiste Gobel was forced to publicly denounce the Catholic religion declaring there should be no other worship than that of “liberty and holy equality”.

Jean Baptiste Joseph Gobel - Bishop of ParisLived 1727 to 1794

Jean Baptiste Joseph Gobel – Bishop of Paris
Lived 1727 to 1794

On the 10th of November, Notre Dame was stripped of its crucifixes and images of the saints. At this time, Mademoiselle Maillard, an opera singer believed to be a prostitute, was crowned the “Goddess of Reason”At the convention an address was presented that declared:

“Reason and virtue, should be substituted for the worship of the “Jewish Slave” and “the adulterous woman, the courtesan of Galilee.”

Mme Maillard crowned:The Goddess of Reason

Mme Maillard crowned:
The Goddess of Reason

Everywhere in France an orgy of blasphemy and desecration began. By order of the now infiltrated government, the Illuminati maxim of “Death is an Eternal Sleep” were put up as inscriptions all over France which was, of course, aimed at denying the Resurrection of Christ, an Illuminati target.John Robison, author of Proofs of a Conspiracy (widely read in the colonies which is why the Illuminati were not as successful in America as in Europe) commenting on the attack on religion wrote:

“…in all those villainous machinations against the peace of the world,  the attack has been first made on the principles of Morality and Religion. The conspirators saw that till these are extirpated, they have no chance of success; and their manner of proceeding shews that they consider Religion and Morality as inseparably connected together.”

After the death of the King in 1793, the leaders of the Revolution now had total control. Terror was soon to become the order of the day. We are nearing the end of the days of the first French Revolution.

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