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The Hypocrisy of Maxine Waters

By Terry | Deception by Omission

When You Go Into Politics Poor and You Come Out Rich, You’re Stealing-  Harry Truman

The Empty Barrel Test

My father always used to say, “Empty barrels make the most noise.”

Maxine Waters has a big mouth. Coupled with average intelligence at best, she makes over the top accusations with no evidence whatsoever.

This likely qualifies her on the barrel test.

The Truman Test

On the Truman test, she has been in politics for about 40 years now and lives in a $4.5 million home outside of her district.

Methinks she meets the Truman test as well.

One of her latest insults to Donald Trump is that of branding the family as a crime syndicate. A bit disingenuous for a woman with a proven history of corruption one could say.

Larry Elders, radio host and author, who grew up in Maxine’s district knows her quite well. Interviewed recently by Tucker Carlson, Elders spoke about the background of a woman who lives in a $4.5 million home outside of her district and has been associated with banking corruption.

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How Does This Lady Qualify To Pass Judgement On Others?

With self serving ethics such as Maxine demonstrates, one must question as to why the media selects a woman with a provably corrupt background as though she were speaking the gospel truth?

Perhaps it is yet another case of peas in a pod? A fake news media featuring a fake news spokesperson who should have been put out of office for corruption as should Hillary as well.

The media is obviously not a fan of the truth but rather part of the swamp that needs to be drained.

Gravy Train Under Threat

Waters runs around loudly accusing the Trump family of being a crime family calling for his impeachment, all without definitive evidence? This is simply a good case of the pot calling the kettle black? It also shows how desperately the corrupt members of Congress and the media want to get Trump out of office before their gravy train gets derailed.

How much one can actually trust the judgement of politicians like Waters and for that matter the Anti-Trump stories belabored in the media. When one stops and takes a peek behind the curtain, one finds a level of corruption matching third world nations.

The fact is, Trump is right. This swamp needs drained. The problem likely is that few in the opposition party actually want that to take place. After all, they are on the gravy train as well.

Obama Gets a Free Pass Of Course

Obama left office with a net worth of $12 million and just plunked down the cash to purchase an $8.1 million home in D.C.

Like the Truman quote said, when you enter poor but leave rich you’re stealing.

Instead of investigating Trump who was already wealthy before he entered office, perhaps the light should now be shined on our just departed President ’cause the evidence sure confirms the Truman adage.

The swamp will not be drained without massive resistance even if it includes lies, deception and hypocrisy. After all there is a lot of our public money at stake here isn’t there?