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Le Mis- The Hidden Back Story- Part 4

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”geneva” style=”oblique” size=”scmgc-3em”]O[/dropcap]K, now in addition to propaganda, the Illuminati using the Duke of Orleans had to do something more tangible to secure their stories. Fortunately, the wealthy Duke proved a willing benefactor and provided the money. He began to buy up the grain supplies and withholding them from the people. (He was after all lured into this whole thing by the power driven motive of replacing his cousin Louis XVI. A good example of as Lord Acton put it, power corrupting. The Duke’s other motive was his hatred towards the Queen, Marie Antoinette of “Let them eat cake.” fame. (Although you question the validity of that quote in light of the Jacobin propaganda machine which was busy generating a libelous smear campaign amongst the populace.)

The Duke’s purchase and hoarding of grain created an artificial crisis in the grain supply and the threat of famine. Of course, the cry of “bread” was then added to the cry of liberty, equality etc. Naturally, the people were further agitated when the Jacobin propaganda machine blamed the King and nobles of hoarding and thus monopolizing the grain supplies.

However, to start the blood of the revolution flowing some “brown shirts” so to speak were needed. Thus, criminals and ruffians from the South of France and Italy known as the Marseillaise were hired and began flocking into Paris in the

The MarseillaiseSinging their Anthem

The Marseillaise
Singing their Anthem

spring of 1789.

To swell the mob of insurrection, the Marseillaise would go into the factories and workshops and compel the workers to follow them. (Hmmm……remind you any modern day recruiting techniques? Just sayin.) On the streets, they would surround a person, hold them tightly under the arms, and carry him with them to their rallies against their will.

Of course, money, wine and plunder fired up the will of these criminal types. They were described by Nesta Webster as “men of rapine and carnage, thirsting for blood and booty”. In all of the ensuing major uprisings: the Siege of the Bastille, the march on Versailles, the invasion of the Tuilleries, these brigands made up the hard core of the mob. The majority of the atrocities of the French Revolution were carried out by these hired assassins. Mirabeau, the Illuminati, asserted after the 1st successful uprising that, “with 100 louis (French coins at the time) one can make quite a good riot”.

What is remarkable is that no matter how outrageous the lies or how many rumors were found to be false, the masses never seemed to catch on. (And they didn’t even have TV then!) This led one observer to state, “Thus it is in revolutions, one rascal writes and a hundred thousand fools believe.”Can this still be true today? Perhaps that answer can be satisfied by observing who we put in office and what they are permitted to get away with.Has anything really changed or is man’s basic nature pretty much the same only surrounded by modern gadgets which fools us into thinking we have “evolved” into more humane beings. Recent events would seem to indicate otherwise.

Meanwhile, every concession on the part of the Kings and nobles to the National Assembly from the grievances was met with new outbreaks of denunciation, violence and increased demands. Revolution was what the conspiracy wanted not reform and revolution they would get at any cost however dear.

P.S.- As it turns out many of the techniques employed during the French Revolution are being used sometimes in a more sophisticated way even today. For example, the Marseillaise were hired thugs employed to rabble rouse and escalate an affair so that it could move in the direction the Illuminati planned. This technique is being employed today by planting undercover police and agents in the midst of demonstrations for the purpose of escalating an event or appearing to escalate an event to a violent enough level to permit strong armed police response to shut down the event with supposed justification. These undercover plants have been dubbed agent provocateurs after the French Revolution model.

If you google YouTube Agent Provocateurs caught or simply Agent Provocateurs you will find video showing these agents in action and being caught in the deception. There are videos from Europe, Canada and the U.S. and possibly other nations as well. The French Revolution as it turns out can awaken us to the techniques of deception and conspiracy if we suspend our natural tendency to bow to authority and assume their pure intent. Please take some time and do some research on this and discover for yourself the modern Marseillaise borrowed from the wonderful Illuminati and its Jacobin Clubs.

Now please move on to Part 5 for the first real events of the French Revolution. I think you will find the storming of the Bastille to be a far cry from what you may have imagined from the drama painted by revisionist historians and their deceptions by omission.