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Restore Election Integrity – Free Download

Just about anyone with intellectual integrity and a willingness to look at the available evidence knows that the 2020 election results were generated with multiple and massive levels of fraud.

Let’s be honest.

Not Ahead – Already Here
  • How can a guy who hardly campaigned, spent the majority of the Presidential campaign in his basement office, and didn’t even have to charisma to attract more than a handful of supporters to his rallies get elected?

Some claim it was because of the hatred of Donald Trump.

  • If so, why did the President attract tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters to his rallies while Joe Biden could barely attract a handful?

The clear and obvious answer is election fraud.

The Democrats are attempting to cement this fraud in place with the For the People Act of 2021 or H.R. 1 which will water down the power of the states to enforce election integrity while giving more power to the federal government. A level of power never granted to the federal government by our Constitution.

The bill has already been passed by the House strictly on party lines. It is already being white washed by the same media that tells us there was NO election fraud and tried to sell us for over 2 years on the Russia Collusion Hoax.

An article summarizing how bad H.R. 1 is can be read at this link.

The attached pdf article on Restoring Election Integrity may be freely downloaded from this page. This article presents a summary of some of the fraud that occurred. More importantly, it also offers concrete suggestions on what can be done to stop future fraud to restore our lost election integrity.

This is critical because without election integrity we are no better than any Communist State where the government rules the people. You no longer have a voice or say in how our nation is governed. In short, your voice has been silenced and as has been stated in the past and attributed to Stalin (which may or may not be true, but who cares):

It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.

Attributed to Josef Stalin

Some, but not all, of the steps to restore election integrity covered in more detail are:

  • Reinstate paper ballots
  • Reinstate voting and vote counting as public acts
  • Reinstate the precinct as the place where voters cast their ballots and where they are counted
  • Allow the candidates to choose areas to audit the votes
  • Mandate that the election process be recorded with video and audio equipment
  • Publicly and immediately post precinct vote results
  • Mandate the clean up of all voter registration lists
  • Eliminate same-day voter registration
  • Put in place laws to protect evidence
  • Punish fraud
  • End early voting
  • Require an absolute chain of custody for ballots

and more.

For full details and suggestions download the article by clicking this link. It will open on a new page. You can download it from there to your pc.

With Windows 10, you may also right-click on it and download it to a specific location if you choose by selecting – “Save link as